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Bedrooms showcases more than 25 bright and beautiful ways to take the night's rest. Including tips for selecting such fundamentals as bed frames, mattresses, and linens, it also offers sound advice on window coverings, art, accessories, furniture, lighting, and color. It even covers what to do when the bedroom doubles as a living room or office. A compendium of great ideas, Bedrooms lets you create your ideal sanctuary for sleep, solitude, and relaxation.
ISBN: 0811813312   8/31/2006
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The House & Garden Book of Bedrooms (House & Garden)
ISBN: 0865659613   8/16/2006
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There are hundreds of full-color photographs with quick, easy ideas that will make a real difference in your home. All of the ideas and materials are accessible to the reader, and comes with a complete list of U.S. suppliers for the materials used.
ISBN: 1592581196   8/23/2006
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Colors for Living: Bedrooms offers the first full-color guide concentrating on the use of color in the bedroom. This book combines beautiful interior images with color swatches to help the professional and the amateur achieve the mood or feeling they want in the bedroom.

--Includes up-to-date colors for bedroom design as determined by experts in the field of color trends.

--Exciting and varied photographic examples of bedroom interiors from around the world.

--Color swatches provide professional 2-, 3-, and 4-color combinations.

--Easy-to-follow guidance on the basics of color theory and bedroom design gives the reader a vocabulary of schemes that fit their own design needs.

--Includes a full set of tear-out swatches for easy color matching. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

ISBN: 1564961052   5/1/2006
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Pottery Barn Bedrooms guides readers through all the decorating possibilities for the most personal room in the house. Encouraging a warm, inviting refuge the book provides detailed tips and techniques that still allow for personal style and individual needs. Pottery Barn Bedrooms inspires more than just a good night's sleep.
ISBN: 0848727606   9/2/2006
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Drawing on the expertise of three leading designers, this rich visual sourcebook covers all the essential elements for creating comfortable, stylish rooms. In Living Rooms, Amanda Harling shows how color, lighting, furniture placement, textiles, and ornamentation add immeasurably to the character and function of this multipurpose room. In Kitchens, Vinny Lee tackles the room that is often the hub of daily life and suggests ways of making it both attractive and efficient, from layout and fittings to storage and flooring. In Bathrooms, she explores contemporary and traditional styles, proposing imaginative ways of creating a room that balances practical necessities with the aesthetic and therapeutic pleasures of the bath. And in Bedrooms, Amanda Evans demonstrates how the careful selection of colors, fabrics, furniture, and lighting can create a warm and inviting sanctuary. Featuring400 fully-captioned color photos, and encompassing every style and budget, this is an invaluable source of inspiration and design solutions for home decorators.
ISBN: 1862051739   8/30/2006
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Instead of leafing through a plethora of magazines for bedroom decorating ideas, now you can find all the inspiration and useful advice you'll ever need in one book - 101 Bedrooms, containing 101 themes for your bedroom, each illustrated with a full-page photograph of a fully decorated room. In fact, with the titles in this series, you can find ideas for every room in the house! The first four titles feature Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens and Bathrooms are guaranteed to help you find the look that you want. The 101 bedrooms are grouped by style: Contemporary - Classic - Country - Creative - Budget - Bohemian

Each room is illustrated with a full-color photograph and accompanied by invaluable information on the specific features of the room, including color, lighting, accessories and flooring. There is a directory of useful suppliers at the back of the book you'll have everything you need to recreate the look for yourself. So whether you're planning a complete transformation or simply looking for quick facelift ideas, the 101 series will help you create the home of your dreams.
ISBN: 1592580092   9/2/2006
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This beautiful style guide brings you into the homes of forty celebrities to reveal how each one worked with designers to transform a bedroom into a highly personalized sanctuary. The styles are as varied and unique as the starts themselves?from model Tyra Banks? colorful fabric-filled Moroccan chamber to singer Paula Abdul?s soothing candlelit hideaway and onto Cher?s medieval-gone-contemporary haven.
ISBN: 1592530605   11/20/2006
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The bestselling author of A Room of Her Own, Kitchens, and Bathrooms is back with Bedrooms, a showcase of exciting decorating ideas for the most intimate room of the house.
ISBN: 0609607499   9/4/2006
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'A Portfolio Of Ceramic & Natural Tile Idea' showcases the incredible design possibilities that tile has to offer, with examples from leading designers and manufacturers nationwide. Over 150 color photographs bring to life the practicality and beauty of this durable surface in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, inspiring you with great ideas for using tile throughout your own home.
ISBN: 0865739919   4/24/2006

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