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Nothing warms up a room like a beautiful area rug. Rugs can add a dramatic focal point or the subtle blending of color and pattern that pulls a room together. For centuries, the finest homes have been graced with magnificent rugs. And at Karastan, you'll find a complete range of looks, from contemporary textures to decorative designs to classics from the Golden Age of carpet weaving. All created by master designers and colorists who share an eye for timeless styling. Only the finest materials go into the making of a Karastan rug. It's a bit more expensive, but the result is rich, lustrous color, soft and cozy wool pile, and superior resilience and durability. In fact, if our e-mail is any indication, many Karastans purchased back in the '30s and '40s are still being enjoyed today for their enduring beauty, performance and value. Click here for details...
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Define Your Unique Style
(Family Features) When thinking about your dream kitchen, what finish style of cabinets come to mind? Is it rich dark stained cherry wood? Maybe a clean, crisp white paint? Do you picture yourself having a rustic kitchen complemented by different techniques?

Save on Splurge-Worthy Home Styles
(Family Features) In the fashion and design world, alternative materials that emulate high-end looks are trendy not only for their lower price point and low maintenance qualities, but thanks to advancements in design and technology, are often hard to differentiate from the real thing.

Mini-Makeovers Deliver Big Home Value
(Family Features) Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects can significantly add comfort, improve functionality and increase the home's resale value. Whichever reason drives homeowners to complete an improvement project, they need to pick one that also delivers a return on investment.

4 Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier
(Family Features) Some home maintenance jobs require a significant investment of time and specialized equipment, but there are many projects you can accomplish efficiently with basic tools and the right approach. Follow these tips to get started:

Tips for Tackling Holiday Messes
(Family Features) This holiday season, create a welcoming environment for your guests. From getting your home ready for company to managing the many messes that come with a packed home, there are several cleaning tips to help you enjoy the fun at hand without the extra stress.

Tips to Maximize Space in Every Room
Current trending of lifestyles, whether it may be empty nesters, first time home buyers or the economy, have left people with smaller spaces. There are several ways that you can maximize storage just by thinking ahead and taking steps to stay organized.

Bathroom Upgrades to Impress Guests
(Family Features) Game night, girls' night or family reunion - your home serves as the backdrop for many occasions. Preparing your space for friends and family can feel like a heavy undertaking, but with a few simple entertaining tips, hosts can wave goodbye to anxieties.

Keep Winter Energy Bills in Check
(Family Features) As winter temperatures drop, the potential for higher utility bills goes up. Taking steps ahead of the cold season can help you trim costs and make your home more energy efficient, keeping those utility bills in check even as the winter weather rages.