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 Pottery Barn Bedrooms (Pottery Barn Design Library) Pottery Barn Bedrooms guides readers through all the decorating possibilities for the most personal room in the house. Encouraging a warm, inviting refuge the book provides detailed tips and techniques that still allow for personal style and individual needs. Pottery Barn Bedrooms inspires more than just a good night's sleep.
  Date Published 9/1/2003

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Rated By: A reader
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Comments: Great!!!
Thank you Pottery Barn! 'Bedrooms' is a fun read, lots of ideas, especially on colors and design. I haven't put the book down yet.
Rated By: nicole m forrest
From: bradenton, florida
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Comments: disappointing!
I enjoy the pottery barn style and since we are doing minor renovations that give me an excuse to redecorate my bedroom I couldn't wait for this book to arrive. I checked the online reviews of all the PB books and saw some complaints, but I thought overall I'd be glad I made this purchase. Wrong! I flipped through it once right after getting it and I doubt I'll pick it up again. I recall a reviewer of one of the other PB books saying there's nothing in here that you can't get from one of the PB magazines and that reviewer was right. I actually think the bed and bath magazines are better than this book. I'm very glad I purchased just this book and didn't waste money on the entire set. I guess I'll wait for the next PB magazine to come in the mail for any redecorating inspiration.
Rated By: tommie van deusen
From: San Francisco Bay area
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Comments: Don't waste your money
What a shame that Pottery Barn didn't do a better job on this book and the others it has published. There are no new ideas here. I was hoping to see some of the fresh style that made Pottery Barn famous. It's not in here. The book is dull, lifeless, boring.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Loved this book!
I just got this book to complete my set (I have Living Rooms and Bathrooms) and it's great! There are lots of really clever ideas for giving a room a new look without spending your life savings--and the photos are just gorgeous. There are good tips for choosing color (which I always think is the hardest thing to do) and TONS of ways to change the accessories in a bedroom. The book is just as beautiful as the Pottery Barn catalogs, but has new decorating ideas in it that I had never seen there--or anywhere else before.
Rated By: L. Cunningham
From: Providence, RI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Not worth your money
Let me start out by saying that I absolutely love Pottery Barn. If I could afford to furnish my house with only products from Pottery Barn, I would. Of course, like most people, I can't afford to do that. I thought this book might provide some ideas on how to make a "Pottery Barn bedroom" without the cost of Pottery Barn. Instead, however, it's basically just a lengthy advertisement unworthy of your money.

Bottom line: take the 17 bucks you would spend on this book and start a savings account. Add a little to it every month and maybe, someday, you can buy some Pottery Barn furniture!

Rated By: "stellina"
From: California
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Comments: Look elsewhere for that "Pottery Barn" inspiration
I love Pottery Barn and have managed over the years to purchase their furniture and a handful of their accessories. They have wonderful ideas (that can be pulled off with a fraction of the price if you look around) that are fun to try and unique. But if you are looking to find that inspiration, don't count on this book. I find that I can get better ideas straight from their catalog instead.....and that is free! Their ideas bordered on boring and not real conducive to everyday use. I plan to stick with the catalog after being disappointed with all of their books in the set.
Rated By: Carvet "carvet"
From: Houston, TX
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Look elsewhere for inspiration
I have read/used three of the Pottery Barn books listed in order of my opinion of them: Baths, Living Rooms, and Bedrooms. Baths was very good, with beautiful photographs, interesting and innovative ideas, and some useful design advice. Most of the book provided a several page showcase for an individual bath with discussion of what made it special.

Living rooms was OK. It's content was more canned, but it still had some inspiration and enough ideas that were useful that although I would not put it amongst the best such books, it was worth an hour or two to browse.

Bedrooms hit the bottom of the list for me. The content seemed especially canned. The ideas were not fully developed and most of them appeared to me more appropriate to someone's first apartment than an established home (so it just needs the right audience?). Lot's of the pictures involved just using eclectic pieces and did not involve actually developing a decorative theme.
Rated By: Jennifer D. Fletcher "Jen Davie"
From: Washington, DC
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Comments: Pottery Barn Bedrooms (Pottery Barn Design Library)
GREAT book and great series (all the Pottery Barn Design Library books)! I have an interior design background, and this series is the best I've ever read --- great design and storage ideas that are easy to do and the ideas are multi-faceted, so you could use in another room, etc.