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 Bedrooms: California Design Library (California Design) Bedrooms showcases more than 25 bright and beautiful ways to take the night's rest. Including tips for selecting such fundamentals as bed frames, mattresses, and linens, it also offers sound advice on window coverings, art, accessories, furniture, lighting, and color. It even covers what to do when the bedroom doubles as a living room or office. A compendium of great ideas, Bedrooms lets you create your ideal sanctuary for sleep, solitude, and relaxation.
  Date Published 4/1/1998

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Rated By: Kelly P. King
From: Bloomington, Indiana
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Excellent resource for ideas and design philosophy
I am in the final stages of building my dream home and just purchased this book. I only wish I had bought it sooner! This book gives me the confidence to blend my antiques with new surroundings. Diane displays a variety of styles that will withstand the test of time.
Rated By: Soggyinseattle
From: Seattle, WA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A book that will expand the possibilities for your bedroom
If you feel stumped for ideas on how to design a bedroom, and you have a limited budget, Bedrooms will help release you from that in-the-box mentality that you get from strolling through one too many furniture showrooms that encourage you to buy a complete bedroom set. Do not be fooled by the "(California Design)" in the title, this is not a book of California-esque bedroom design, rather, it's a book of interior design for the bedroom by a collection of California designers. The designs covered range from minimalist, to grand, to traditional, to just plain homey. Certainly, the numerous color photographs throughout represent people who, in most cases, probably spent a lot of money to have their bedrooms designed as shown, but it is not at all hard to imagine how to apply the same methods to your create own dream bedroom even with things you buy at a flea market.

From this book I learned that I could mix and match furniture, not just in the bedroom, but elsewhere, and utilize the eclectic "stuff" I already own to create a comfortable atmosphere. You will not find a step-by-step guide in these pages, rather you will find lovely photos and frequently asked questions covered such as: Should a TV be in a bedroom and how? What can one do with a small room? How can I create a romantic bedroom? How can one design a room that will not look dated too soon? What paint colors are best for a bedroom?

Aside from the design-ideas aspect of Bedrooms, I just enjoy looking at the photos for relaxation.