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Jamestown Oak Plank

Shaw Rugs Kathy Ireland Home Collection

Create a Leafy Bower with Homemade Stencils

TEC Specialty Products - Entranceway

Empire Series

Pattern Plus Pattern #20


W705E American Oak (Sawnwood finish)

W711E Golden Elm with B42 Mackintosh border

SH17 Lemon Shell, SH19 Blue Shell and SH18 Green Shell

MTP232 Treadplate Lead with MP38 Silver Stripping

W680E Washed Wood Boue with B47 Inset Square Border

Private Oasis

Block Print

Cola Stain Concentrated

Lafayette College, Law College

Royal 2000 Montage

Cottage At Quiet Waters

Home and Heritage - PICNIC BASKETS

Kathy Ireland Rugs

Imperial - GREAT BED & BATH

Earthstone : Kitchen


Northside Hospital/Forum Health - Youngstown, OH




Anything Goes Charming Touch

Quiet Reflections

3Com Park

Natural History Museum

Baby's Dream Furniture

American Classics, Hickory Plank 3 inch

Exotics, Royal Mahogany Atlantis

Cumaru Natural

Red Oak Denver

Beech Viborg

Oak Palazzo Rovere

Anderson - Monroe - Old Furnace

Anderson - Mt Oak - Golden
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Triexta PTT

Textured Nylon

Triexta PTT

Wear Dated Dura Soft Nylon



Bilmore - Carriage House - Coffee Bean

Biltmore - Olmsted Forest Plank - Smokey Mountain

Biltmore - Cider House - Barren Branches

Biltmore - Cider House - Golden Nectar