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Natural stone is one of the most expressive materials on earth. No two slabs are alike, yet every piece is unrivaled for warmth, strength, and resilience. Today, natural stone is the hottest trend for interiors-whether as a stylish tiled floor, a dramatic fireplace surround, or a kitchen counter that will last a lifetime.

Hundreds of photographs provide inspiration for the myriad ways to use this oldest of building materials, be it granite, marble, limestone, slate, or travertine. And the wide variety of designs featured in Stone prove that it is easy to use it anywhere in your own home, even on a tight budget.

Stone is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to bringing natural stone into the home. Color charts reveal the wide range of tones available. A buyer's guide matches rooms and lifestyles with the right stone. Other tips help with budgeting and finding the right installer-or doing it yourself.

ISBN: 1584792906   10/17/2006
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A warm, friendly, country-style kitchen turns any house into a home. The evocative photographs in Country Kitchens reveal the beauty of kitchens designed for everyday cooks and their families, as well as displaying the rich diversity of country style-from a French kitchen in creamy painted wood to and American kitchen paneled in seasoned cherry. Whether the size of your kitchen suits a cottage, farm, or manor house, Country Kitchens is filled with design ideas and with the simple pleasures of country living.
ISBN: 0789300699   8/18/2006
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 Small Kitchens: Making Every Inch Count
ISBN: 0671633546   8/22/2006
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Kitchens and bathrooms need not be the most expensive rooms in the house to decorate. Debbie Travis presents imaginative solutions for these vital rooms, whether you have a small budget that will cover only a quick facelift or you're starting from scratch. Returning with her trademark do-it-yourself Painted House techniques, Debbie Travis decorates these hardworking rooms using the affordable and ever-stylish power of paint, plust a host of mateials now available for home interiors, such as concrete, hot rolled steel, corrugated tin, tinted plastic, and more. Each makeover is accompanied by Debbie's helpful step-by-step instructions and stunning before and after shots. Discover how easily a kitchen or bathroom can be transformed with Debbie's magic touch.
ISBN: 0609805495   4/28/2006
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Joan Kohn, the host, writer, and associate producer of HGTV's hit show, Kitchen Design, uncovers the details and decisions that go into planning a dream kitchen, and presents many ideas with her elegant yet accessible approach to interior design. Hardwood floors or linoleum? Marble countertops or formica?When designing or renovating a kitchen, there are a million choices, and each one must reflect personal taste, lifestyle, and budget. Now, Joan Kohn offers advice to help readers get the kitchen they've always dreamed of. Richly illustrated with 230 full-color photographs of beautiful kitchens by top designers and architects, JOANKOHN'S IT'S YOUR KITCHEN will inspire readers to make the best possible decisions with the myriad of design choices that are available today. Organized by concept, this book teaches readers to think like a designer. Broken into two parts, 'Design Essentials,' addresses such considerations as budget, style, assessing the existing kitchen, working with a design team and sustaining one's personal vision. 'The Five Building Blocks of Kitchen Design,' covers function, space, floor plans, and personal touch. Readers will learn how to confront the critical design choices that will turn their kitchen dream into a reality.
ISBN: 0821228005   9/4/2006
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The kitchen is the heart of every home: the place where families gather, where food is prepared and shared, where we work, entertain, and eat. But many kitchens were not designed to suit this elevated role; they are small, dark, and cramped rather than spacious, light, and comfortable.

Small Spaces, Beautiful Kitchens shows how to turn any size space into the kitchen of your dreams—whether your personal style leans toward country, modern, or chic. Author Tara McLellan proves that small kitchens can be even more comfortable and efficient than larger ones. She urges the reader to focus on three basic elements: carefully thought- out organization, clever storage solutions, and space-boosting color and design features. Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and advice from the pros walk readers through every aspect of planning, design, and implementation, from making a wish list and establishing a budget to deciding on materials for cabinets and flooring to creating stylish window displays and wall patterns.

Whether a kitchen is galley-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped—or just plain small—this hands-on workbook offers ideas for kitchens that suit every lifestyle, from city singles to growing families.

Tracy McLellan is a veteran design writer. Formerly of Metropolitan Home Magazine, she is the author of Fabric Harmony (Rockport, 2001). She lives in New Orleans.

ISBN: 1564969568   7/10/2006
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Small Kitchens (Evergreen)
ISBN: 3822841749   8/23/2006
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In these pages you will find kitchens and dining rooms that suit a wide variety of budgets, tastes, and design philosophies. Using the ideas illustrated here, learn how to save valuable counter and floor space in your kitchen with imaginative storage ideas, or create a dining room that also allows for comfortable studying and entertaining. These creative design solutions will help you make the most of your floor space, storage space, and furniture.
ISBN: 1564963039   8/23/2006
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 Explore the benefits, and the beauty, of 50 custom kitchens in over 175 gorgeous color photographs. Stories from kitchen design professionals detail the planning process, and address layout and style in relation to the lifestyles and needs of homeowners. Images illustrate specially crafted cabinetry in a wide breadth of door styles, wood species, and finishes, carefully combined with choices in flooring, lighting, countertops, and appliances to achieve attractive and personalized results. This book serves as a useful introduction to kitchen design, and an inspirational visual reference for homeowners considering their own custom projects. No one remodelling a kitchen for the first time should be without this book.
ISBN: 0764323962   8/22/2006
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Get the kitchen you want, without exceeding your budget. From planning the makeover to the nuts-and-bolts basics of tackling each project, Popular Mechanics provides appealing recipes for the perfect kitchen. All the fundamentals are here, in a wide variety of attractive styles (Arts & Crafts, Retro, Modern, Country, Shaker, Contemporary, and Architectural): remedies for common problems, such as lack of counter space; the “work flow and traffic patterns” of different layouts; and the essentials of electricity, plumbing, ventilation, and other kitchen systems. Watch as a real kitchen—shown in its original state—undergoes three spectacular transformations. Flooring, cabinets, walls, countertops: with all this and more covered, anyone can cook up a great new kitchen.
ISBN: 1588162559   8/22/2006

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