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 Stone: Designing Kitchens, Baths and Interiors with Natural Stone Natural stone is one of the most expressive materials on earth. No two slabs are alike, yet every piece is unrivaled for warmth, strength, and resilience. Today, natural stone is the hottest trend for interiors-whether as a stylish tiled floor, a dramatic fireplace surround, or a kitchen counter that will last a lifetime.

Hundreds of photographs provide inspiration for the myriad ways to use this oldest of building materials, be it granite, marble, limestone, slate, or travertine. And the wide variety of designs featured in Stone prove that it is easy to use it anywhere in your own home, even on a tight budget.

Stone is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to bringing natural stone into the home. Color charts reveal the wide range of tones available. A buyer's guide matches rooms and lifestyles with the right stone. Other tips help with budgeting and finding the right installer-or doing it yourself.

  Date Published 10/1/2003

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Comments: Gorgeous Book
If you are contemplating using natural stone anywhere in your home, this book is essential. Reading it will definately save you time, money and future headaches! The photos are beautiful and inspiring!
Rated By: A reader
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Comments: A wealth of information!
I bought this book because I am in the middle of building a new home and am using quite a bit of stone. Let me tell you, it is quite nice to walk into the tile showroom and know more about the material than the people selling it to me. "STONE" covers it all...everything you need to know and more. I am actually reproducing one of the bathrooms featured in the book in my own home. There are hundreds of beautiful photographs that not only give you ideas for using natural stone, but also for the home's architecture and interior design. It is truly several books rolled into one. Anyone planning to build or remodel a home with stone countertops, floors, showers, walls, venthoods, backsplashes, fireplaces, etc...etc...etc... should get this book. Avid do-it-yourselfer's will find the step by step stone installation section invaluble.
Rated By: Lundy Wilder
From: Gulf Shores, AL
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Comprehensive and Beautiful
I was quite surprised at all the material this books covers. Anyone planning a custom designed home or remodel could certainly find great inspiration and clever ideas not usually seen in homes in the USA. Additionally, the in-depth info on various natural stone products is a real education. The last part of STONE has a helpful photo index of illustrations of the various types of stone. Since many ceramic tile products attempt to emulate natural stone, this book and especially it's fine examples of mosaics would be quite inspirational for those who work with manmade tiles as well as natural stone. I find the elegant pared down interiors in this book quite refreshing, a breath of fresh air. As a fan of classic, enduring architecture, I am pleased that this book promotes the idea of a home as a structure expected to last centuries--an unusual concept in the States.
Rated By: "1diesel"
From: Orange Beach, AL
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Extremely Informative Book - A Must-Own
This book is an excellent resource for those seeking to utilize stone decoratively and functionally around their homes! It is beautifully illustrated, well written, and thorough. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking advantage of the beauty of stonework in their residence! WELL DONE!
Rated By: jade neal
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Comments: ALL you need to Know
If you are looking for a book to explain the exspansive world of natural stone, this is the book! Every question I had was answered in great detail and the photos are incredible. I got so many new ideas from this book and can't wait to start some new projects.
Rated By: MovedbyMusic "lishaz3"
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Comments: considering granite, limestone, travertine? read this
This book lays out all the wonderful and vulnerable properties and characteristics of natural stone in a home. Flooring, countertops, tiles - and maintenance...... it's all in here. The one place you really should look if you're considering these gorgeous organic looks for your home.
Rated By: George Forrest
From: The Americas
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Comments: honed or tumbled?
This book is not only a great resource guide for those new to designing with stones, but also fun to look at and inspirational. I found ideas for the bathroom, kitchen, and even for a staircase.
Rated By: K. Campos
From: Austin, TX
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Comments: Excellent Stone Resource & Nice Pictures
I work for a natural stone retailer in Texas, and this book gives me ideas for customers. Many of my store's clients want to take this book home or buy it. I don't let them take it home of course; I suggest that they buy one on
In my opinion, I think it makes a good coffee table book as well, since when people are waiting in my showroom, I see them browsing through this book. I wish there were more books like this one.
Rated By: CCYP "CCYP"
From: Malaysia
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: I love this book!!
This book describes the nature of various types of stones and the recommended usage inside and outside the home. I've used this book as a guide to show my local stone dealer what type of stones I'm looking for. And also used it to illustrate the concept of my dream home to my Interior Designer, she understood immediately without us having to go through many rounds of interview to get it right. As a result, my dream home is now almost complete with stones from all over the world, marbles from Spain, Italy, Iran.... granite from Norway and Indonesia... coral stones, tumblestones, slates, and many more.... Wonderful pictures and illustrations, I'd recommend this book to anyone! Suitable for modern Asian homes too!