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Period Style for Today’s HomesClick here to view articlePeriod Style for Today’s Homes
Home fashion has come full circle. Many design trends first made popular in the 1920s are back in vogue and stronger than ever. For example, the cottage-style home, a blend of farmhouse and bungalow that is best defined by the simple clean lines of the 1920s, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. More...

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Indulgences Make Bathrooms CompleteClick here to view articleIndulgences Make Bathrooms Complete
In a world fascinated by reality TV and constant connectivity, the bathroom may be the last safe haven from the prying eyes of cameras and the incessant buzz of cell phones. More...

6/24/2003 - 1 Views
Put a Fresh Face on Your Bath with a MakeoverClick here to view articlePut a Fresh Face on Your Bath with a Makeover
A new look, the latest colors, and an updated style -- yes, we are talking about a makeover, but not for you . . . for your bath! It’s amazing what a huge impact you can make by sprucing up an outdated bath. More...

6/24/2003 - 1 Views
Got a Weekend? Get a New BathClick here to view articleGot a Weekend? Get a New Bath
Did you know that bath redecorating projects are responsible for more marital strife than any other home improvement project? Why? The bath -- the most popular room in the house -- is typically torn up for weeks, even months, at a time; but if you plan ahead carefully before beginning any work... More...

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Making Your Kitchen Work for YouClick here to view articleMaking Your Kitchen Work for You
The kitchen often becomes a family hub, the heart of the home for daily activity and entertaining. For this reason, the design of a kitchen space should address how the room is used on a daily basis. Identifying how you like to cook, eat and entertain are important steps in creating an efficient kitchen space. More...

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Transforming a Bathroom into a LivingroomClick here to view articleTransforming a Bathroom into a Livingroom
The room that is undergoing the greatest amount of transformation in new construction and remodeling is the bathroom. The average master bath has tripled in size since the 1930s. The bathroom was once designed as an oversized water closet, but people are now finding respite and sanctuary in multiple room master and guest baths. The weekend spa mentality has developed into a lifestyle that Americans want to experience on a daily basis. More...

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Season’s Greetings Aren’t Just for the Holidays AnymoreClick here to view articleSeason’s Greetings Aren’t Just for the Holidays Anymore
You hang red and green towels with pictures of reindeer for Christmas, do a red, white and blue theme for the Fourth of July and decorate with bunnies and plastic eggs for Easter ... obviously, you’re the type of person who loves the holidays and making your home festive. You’ve got the holidays covered, but did you ever think about changing your bath’s look with the change of the seasons? More...

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Faucet Care and Maintenance -- What Every Homeowner Should KnowClick here to view articleFaucet Care and Maintenance -- What Every Homeowner Should Know
Consider the number of times you run your hands under it quickly while cooking. What about rinsing plates or filling a glass or pot with water? When the kitchen faucet isn’t working properly, the kitchen doesn’t run smoothly. More...

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The Many Facets of FaucetsClick here to view articleThe Many Facets of Faucets
From the early days of cavemen cupping their hands in a running stream, to the sophisticated Roman aqueducts, to today’s multi-functional and space-age finished faucets, our water delivery systems have come a long way. In fact, plumbing technology has reached the point where most of today’s well-constructed faucets should give you years of worry-free performance. More...

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Look What’s Cooking in the KitchenClick here to view articleLook What’s Cooking in the Kitchen
Is your television almost continually tuned to The Food Network? Do you consider Emeril your hero? Is your kitchen considered the ‘hub’ of entertaining among your family and friends? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are not alone. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people cooking and entertaining at home. More...

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