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Season’s Greetings Aren’t Just for the Holidays Anymore

Season’s Greetings Aren’t Just for the Holidays Anymore

A Few Simple Tips for Changing the Look of Your Powder Room to Reflect the Four Seasons

(ARA) - You hang red and green towels with pictures of reindeer for Christmas, do a red, white and blue theme for the Fourth of July and decorate with bunnies and plastic eggs for Easter ... obviously, you’re the type of person who loves the holidays and making your home festive. You’ve got the holidays covered, but did you ever think about changing your bath’s look with the change of the seasons?

“We all go to great lengths to give our homes a fresh look for the holidays, but the one room that gets the most traffic typically receives the least attention,” said Sharon Hanby-Robie, who has appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” and is the author of the “My Name Isn’t Martha” series of books. “Due to the small size of most powder rooms or non master baths, many homeowners don’t realize they can make a significant decorating impact with little time and expense, and can change out the look every season so that it never gets old.”

Soft Goods

Consider adding a new color scheme to the room using soft goods. For example, new towels, a new shower curtain or throw rugs in seasonal colors will make a huge statement in the room. Each season retailers roll out items such as a florals with light pinks, greens and blues for the spring or paisley designs in oranges, golds and browns for the fall. Perhaps there are even tropical fish shower curtains to help fit in with the warmer summer months.

You can even enhance your current window treatments with tiebacks in colors of the season. Check you local fabric store for patterns in seasonal colors or themes that might be just the thing to put a seasonal touch on the room. You won’t believe what a difference a change in soft goods can do to get you in the spirit of the season.


Another place where changes in the powder room can be made inexpensively is in accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes and drinking cups. These items also come in a host of different colors that can be matched to the hues of the season. With so many styles of accessories available today, why not have some fun changing from a modern look in the summer to a traditional look in the winter. You may even consider new towel bars and robe hooks to complete the look of the room. Seasonal variations can keep the room from looking tired and help you make the leap from season to season.


One component of the bath not normally considered for seasonal changes, but one that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked is the faucet. Moen has made it quick and easy to change for the seasons with its decorative line of Asceri Accents. These faucet “accent” pieces allow homeowners to change their faucet’s look by screwing off the old trim and screwing on the new from above the sink deck -- all in just minutes.

Recently, the company added to its Accents collection by having student members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) submit designs in the “Accent on Design” contest. The contest, open to more than 8,000 ASID students nationwide, produced some cutting-edge seasonal designs for fall, summer, winter and spring.

The grand prizewinner, Elaine Dominguez of West Nyack, N.Y., created a design for fall inspired by the 1970s look in fashion, including love beads, florals and geometric patterns. In the spring category, Emily Black of Chicago, Ill., produced a winning design featuring flowing willows with lilac brushstrokes running through the background.

Dominguez also claimed top honors in the contest’s summer category with a faucet design that picks up on the current bath craze of mosaic tiles in cool blues inspired by water. In the final design category, winter, Karen Ann Davis of Houston, Texas, provided a design with soft blues that mimic falling snow.

The grand prizewinner’s design will be available for consumers later this year. This new design adds to the 10 already existing Asceri Accents that the company offers from traditional chinas to florals and wild animal prints -- there is something to complement every season ... and every bathroom.

Scents of the Season

Consider adding a few arrangements of fresh flowers to your bath in the spring, fresh lavender in the summer, a few cornstalks in the fall, or a pine wreath in the winter. We identify certain smells with seasons and being able to bring that aroma into the bathroom will help complete a seasonal transformation. Further spruce up the bath with by arranging candles and scented potpourri around the room. Make sure these items have a tie to the season -- in the spring, buy candles with fresh spring scents in light pinks, blues, purples and greens, while in the winter look for jewel tones such as emerald green, burgundy and navy in heavier scents.

Personalize the Space

If you don’t already have one, hang a small shelf in your bath to hold items that will make the powder room truly your own. Purchase some new picture frames in the latest color of the season and change out the photos as the season’s change. For summer, show off your latest vacation photos or in the winter display family holiday photos. Shots of the kids at the beach or in last year’s Halloween costumes make great seasonal statements.

Use this space to also display seasonal decorations. For summer decorate with sea shells and kids’ sand pails, for winter, change the look by having snowmen sitting in the midst of faux snow. Shelving will also give you added functionality in the room.

Last but not least, baskets have made a big comeback in today’s decorating styles. Fill a basket full of items of the season -- pinecones in the winter or potpourri in the fall. Baskets in the bath also can play a functional role in holding towels or toilet tissue.

According to Hanby-Robie, homeowners are always looking for ways to modify their home décor to reflect seasonal changes, “The powder room may not be the first on the list when we think of decorating, but it can leave quite an impression with guests. Remember to continue your spruce-ups into the bath and you’ll be surprised at the compliments you receive.”

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