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The secret to style lies in the details. While you may love the spatial layout of your home, this book will help you update its overall design by highlighting the architectural hardware. From drawer pulls to porcelain fixtures, brickwork to heating units, Maggie Stevenson instructs on every aspect of industrial product. Extensive resource listings make this an indispensable guide to home equipment for professionals and homeowners alike.

Can't find cupboard handles to match your super-sleek new kitchen? Or a tap to suit your roll-top bath? Now, help is at hand. With Architectural Fixtures and Hardware, the hard work of tracking down the finest products has been done for you-to provide the definitive range of fixtures and fittings, from door knobs to stone floors, from contemporary fireplaces to kitchen sinks.

Whether you are seeking inspiration or looking for specific designer items Architectural Fixtures and Hardware is an invaluable guide. The potentially daunting world of interior hardware is laid bare to offer a showcase of the best the market has to offer. From Philippe Starck taps and Louis Poulsen lighting, to wooden floors and reconditioned radiators, there are solutions for every area in your home. Architectural Fixtures and Hardware also includes a comprehensive directory to ensure the fixtures you want are at your fingertips, making it an indispensable addition to every designer's library, and a must for anyone decorating their own home.

ISBN: 184172324X   9/6/2006
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When it comes to the design of staircases, there to the imagination, talent, or inventiveness. Perhaps that is why some staircases are engineering marvels as well as works of art in their own right.

Staircases showcases 50 brilliant staircase designs constructed over the past several years. These breathtaking examples are from 11 different countries ranging from a private home in Finland to an apartment building in Chicago to the Louvre.

Readers will be enthralled by the 150 color photos plus 100 line drawings that accompany each project. Plus thoroughly entertaining text explains the design intention, methods of construction, and describes the amazing cutting-edge technology that makes some of the more innovative designs possible.

192 pages 9 1/2" x 11" 150 color photos hardbound 0-82306-896-X

ISBN: 082306896X   8/30/2006
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Ten chapters cover all the essentials, including the subjects of code requirements, stairwell framing, notched and housed stringers, L-shaped, and U-shaped and curved stair construction...many color photos and drawings to explain and expand on the text. It offers great value for the price.”—Wood Design & Building

ISBN: 0806981016   9/4/2006
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Ceramic Tile: Selecting, Installing, Maintaining covers everything that a DIYer needs to know about tiling floors, walls, counters, patios, and more. This is the only book to provide exhaustive background and how-to information along with step-by-step color photos in a complete package. Design and planning information helps readers select the right tile and prepare the site. Tiling skills, tools, and techniques are covered in detailed photos. Shows tile projects in how-to, step-by-step sequences. A complete tile-repair and maintenance guide is included. The emphasis is on solid, durable installations that can stand up to years of use in kitchens, baths, and other areas including exterior applications.
ISBN: 1580110479   4/29/2006
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Staircases are an unavoidable design choice for any multilevel home. Because a staircase can set the entire tone for you house, it is imperative to find the style that suits you to a tee. Stairscaping, at once an idea book and a how-to-guide, brings you up close and personal with this indispensable piece of architecture, and shows you how to enhance your existing staircase to fit your style.

This primer covers the worldwide evolution of residential staircases, including both classical and contemporary interior and exterior staircases, thorough well-researched, accessible text and detailed, designer photography. A full resource section provides information for staircase restoration, resource tools, and other helpful industry contacts.

ISBN: 1592532047   9/1/2006
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Within the last decade most of the world's acclaimed architects have designed staircases for houses, galleries, shops, hotels, and offices. This book contains more than 45 case studies of the finest examples, and illustrate the construction, setting, materials, and design. With an introduction on the history of the staircase and thematically organized chapters showing the staircases in their contexts, detail photographs, and architects' plans, this volume is an invaluable sourcebook for architects, students, and design enthusiasts alike.
ISBN: 1840003162   9/4/2006
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Hallways, Corridors & Staircases: Decoration, Storage and Display
ISBN: 1841723258   8/30/2006
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Hallways, Corridors, and Staircases Houses and apartments have traditionally been seen as a series of rooms-but, when it comes to interior design, there is a great deal more to be considered. For example, the entrance hall is the introduction to everything that follows, making it crucial in setting the scene. Corridors and landings may have been built to give access to the main spaces, but they offer wonderful opportunities for storage and display. The stairs, too, are important since they are the single element that holds a house together, floor by floor. Hallways, Corridors, and Staircases is packed with exciting and inspirational ideas about how to develop the potential of these often unconsidered spaces. Leading interiors writer Leslie Geddes-Brown shares her knowledge and experience in the first book to explore in depth this absorbing subject.
ISBN: 1841723266   8/30/2006
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How to design staircases, from top to bottom

* Exciting new work by established and emerging architects
* Planning and design of treads, structural systems, banisters, more

Staircases are a part of life--and a part of architecture, one we often notice only when there’s something wrong! The Art of Staircases examines innovative use of staircases in contemporary design, with full how-to and why-to details on treads, structural systems, widths, banisters, proportions, materials, and much more. Beautiful, problem-solving staircases by established and emerging architects are showcased in hundreds of stunning color photos.

ISBN: 8496263703   9/2/2006
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 Designing Staircases
ISBN: 0442225784   9/5/2006

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