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 Amtico® Vinyl Flooring 
Photo GalleryAmtico® Vinyl Flooring

Don’t forget your bathroom when trying to add more style and substance to your home. Admit it, you spend a lot of time in a bathroom yet it is often overlooked when decorating. Your bathroom can add elegance to your home with its own panache and luxury. Check out some other bathroom treatments in our stunning photo gallery.
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Photo Title
LK14 Limestone with CN30 Concrete Pale Stripping
SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone Light
NM7CT Florentine Green with MP78 Meteor Gold Stripping and B12 Scroll Border
JW891 Spearmint Wave with JW915 Blueberry Wave
GL01 Iced Glass with MP38 Silver Stripping
OM3 Onyx Grey with NM2 Florentine Black Stripping
GW13 Gregorian Marble with B15 Scroll Border and MC5 Oval Motif
GL01 Iced Glass with MP38 Silver Stripping
OM4 Onyx Beige and MP78 Meteor Gold Stripping
SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone Light
OM53 Onyx Pink with special design
Design 251 using Celestial CD98 Blue
MG12 Montella Granite White
SH11 Pearl Shell with SH18 Green Shell and DS318 Eucalyptus Stripping
MT239 Lunar Blue with MP39 Meteor Lead Stripping
SH11 Pearl Shell with SH15 Pink Shell with GZ991 Lilac Stardust Stripping
GL02 Iced Glass with MP38 Meteor Silver Stripping
OM53CT Onyx Pink with MP78 Meteor Gold Stripping and Special Border
BM12 Bolarro Neutral
RM81CT Roman Marble Green
SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone Light
OM3CT Onyx Grey with CKJ Juniper Key Squares
OM53CT Onyx Pink and RM54 Roman Marble Dark Pink
GW13CT Gregorian Marble White with Koi Carp Motif
SH17 Lemon Shell, SH19 Blue Shell and SH18 Green Shell
NM7 Florentine Green Marble with OM4 Onyx Beige, laid as chequerboard
OM3 Onyx Grey with NM2 Florentine Black Stripping and Tramline Border
IM13 Imperial Marble Grey with B13 Marquetry Border and MC3 Small Star Motif
MTP232 Treadplate Lead with MP38 Silver Stripping
W680E Washed Wood Boue with B47 Inset Square Border
CN399 Concrete Blue with squares created from The Glass Collection
W682E White Maple
W793E Warm Beech
LK14 Limestone with GLO14 Champagne Glass Key Squares
W730E Bamboo with B41 Feng Shui Border and SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone light
AM39 Antique Metal Pewter with MP38 Silver Stripping
GW13 Gregorian Marble White with NM2 Florentine Black Key Squares
GW13CT Gregorian Marble White
SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone Light
SD44 Sedimentary Sandstone Dark
GL01 Iced Glass with GL01 Iced Glass Elongons
NM48 Florentine Tan and SD14 Sedimentary Sandstone Light Stripping
Glass GL019 Ocean Glass