1. You can browse the articles at anytime without registering.  Those articles that have the designation are listed as private articles and you must register in order to view these articles.
  2. Once you have registered, the site admin can grant you permissions to view private articles as well as to post new articles.
  1. Posting articles is a privilege given to those who register with the system.  Once you have registered you will be able to post articles to the site.
  2. To post an article, simply click on the Add News Article link at the bottom of the main page in the Navigation bar or on the Left hand Main navigation bar. 
  3. You are now presented with the main article form.  There are several parts to the Article Posting form.  The required fields are denoted with a  * in front of them.  These fields must be completed in order to post your article.  If any of these fields are not completed before continuing on, you will be returned to the Article Post form to complete those field that are incomplete.
  4. The Abstract field is intended for the author to place a short synopsis of the article that will be used in the short listing on the front page.  This field is purely optional, and if the author does not complete this field, News Plus will take the first two hundred words of the article and use them on the front page.
  5. The Formatted checkboxes located next to the Abstract and the Article fields are used to determine whether or not you want your text to be formatter.  If you choose the formatting option, any carriage returns that you enter will be kept exactly where they are.  This will allow you to maintain spacing between paragraphs without having to enter HTML code.
  6. If the Image Upload feature has been made available on your system, you will be asked if you want to upload an Image.  If you wish to do so, select yes and click continue.
Uploading Images
  1. Uploading Images is one of the more sophisticated features in News Plus and requires that the system be capable of handling the feature.  You will know if this feature is available to you when you post an article because you will see a question asking if you want to upload an image with your article.
  2. If you select the upload image option at the bottom of of the Article Post Form, you will be prompted after the on the next screen to perform the image upload.
  3. The Image Upload screen has several parts that require your attention.
  4. The first and most important part of the Image Upload screen is the filename textbox.  This textbox has a Browse button next to it that will allow you to search your hard drive for the image you would like to upload. 
  5. Below this textbox is another textbox for the caption of the image.  This is an optional field, but if you wish to place a small description of the image or copyright information, you can do so.
  6. Below the caption box, there is a series of images and selection buttons.  These images designate the positioning of the image within your article.  The default position of the image will be in the article at the very top left-hand corner.  Make the proper selections and then click continue to move onto the preview page for your upload. 
  7. The preview page for the upload displays the uploaded image and the location that you chose for the image.  You can now chose to upload another image (up to the maximum amount of uploads allowed by the site admin) or you can continue on the final preview of the Article including the uploaded image in the correct spot.

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