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Bordering on Elegance
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Decorative ceilings are a tradition that extends back through the earliest ages of architecture. But ever since frescoed cherubs went out of style, the trend has been toward more detail on the walls and less overhead. Even in contemporary homes, however, the ceiling can be the perfect place to cut loose with some color or pattern. That doesn't mean you have to recreate the Sistine Chapel: a solid color, a painted medallion, or a stylish border like the one pictured here can finish a room with an understated flourish.

Benjamin Moore Paints
Benjamin Moore & Co. has produced quality paint since 1883, when the young Benjamin Moore, a recent Irish immigrant, began his paint business venture with his brother, William, in a small building in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Benjamin Moore & Co. continues to develop and produce new paint products, such as Pristine, a solvent-free, low odor, low VOC, water-thinnable coating system that utilizes our own advanced materials technology.
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