Expanko Cork Company, Inc.

1129 West Lincoln Highway
Coatesville, PA 19320
United States of America

Tel: 610-380-0300
Fax: (610) 380-0302
Toll Free: 800-345-6202
Email Address rgillespie@expanko.com
Website Addresshttp://www.expanko.com/


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 Expanko Cork Flooring 
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Manufacturing Museum Portugal 4" x 4" Traditional Dark, 12" x 4" Traditional Light, 12" x 12" Traditional Medium

Expanko Cork Flooring
Cork is the ultimate in commercial and residential floor coverings providing a beautiful, easy to maintain surface rich in clor and texture. Finished with our exclusive polyurethane finish, Expanko Cork tiles will last for decades, as proven by commercial installations still in use after 80 years. Because of our long history and experience in the field, Expanko can offer expert technical support for both materila selection and cork floor restoration.
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