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Created: 7/22/2006    Updated: 7/22/2006

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Q   Is the highest possible padding suggested for berber carpet as it is for regular carpeting. I am going to be getting pile cut berber carpeting for my home. Thanks


As a general rule, a loop pile carpet (like a berber) requires the best, firm, low profile pad you can afford.

A cut pile carpet (like a plush) requires a high quality pad to look good for a long time. You can use up to a 1/2" thick pad on a plush if you are willing to pay for the best quality pad you can get.

You can also combine the different types to save $$. I used an 80 oz. man made rubber pad on my stairs and hall. (expensive) I used a 1/4", 8 lb. rebond pad through the rest of my home. That is a low profile, firm pad I used under a plush carpet.

BTY, what is a "pile cut berber"?

Many Thanks, Jim Brothers

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