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Minor Enhancements to Your Home Can Add Major Improvements

(ARA) - When buying a new home, homeowners can pick and choose from various home styles. Unfortunately, unless youíre building, there will be some compromise on the design of your home. However, once youíre settled in, you can begin updating your home to your personal tastes and style. This is where your own creativity and imagination can come into play. You donít have to hire an interior designer for a complete renovation; instead, roll up your own sleeves and pursue smaller projects that will yield greater personal satisfaction.

One not-so-obvious place to begin is with your front door. Donít be afraid to be bold and make a statement. Often, first impressions are made from the minute a guest rings your front bell. When researching new options, consider a door that will stand the test of time, represent quality craftsmanship and reflect your homeís architecture combined with your personal style.

Doors come in many different materials, colors and sizes. Take the time to investigate the many varieties. Look through your home magazines and door manufacturing resources to see what appeals to you. For example, Simpson Door Companyís Web site, offers an online catalog that allows you to mix and match your specifications to research a variety of door product lines. If you donít find exactly what youíre looking for, Simpson has a custom facility that can manufacture almost any door of your own design.

Adding glass to your door or pairing your door with matching sidelights adds drama to your entrance. Glass allows natural light into your house and softens your doorís exterior. Sidelights are available in many different glass patterns so you can choose or create the design you like best. For added drama, consider pairing two doors together. Historically, this traditional look exudes both nobility and prosperity.

Once you determine what kind of door best suits your home, finish your new entry area with updated landscaping touches. Add interesting urns spilling over with brightly colored flowers and greenery. Other ideas to personalize your entrance and welcome visitors include a new doormat, outdoor candleholders and a seasonal door wreath.

Strategic enhancements of your house can dramatically affect the overall appearance. In addition to a front entry makeover, consider other exterior doors that could use a breath of fresh air. Why not install a pair of French doors to open up an interior view and then exit to an outdoor bistro for morning coffee? Use your imagination and take it one step at a time. Simple, personal changes in your homeís decor can truly bring extraordinary pleasures.

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