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Match Game – Color Matching Grout to Ceramic Tile and Stone

Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Style

(ARA) – Your home is a reflection of who you are. Whether you choose to decorate with bold, bright colors such as reds and oranges, or with natural more muted tones like tans and browns, your home is a place of self-expression.

That’s especially true when it comes to choosing flooring. With ceramic tile or stone, there are so many color and design choices for you to decide from that the possibilities are endless. The best approach is to choose a color that best suits your personality.

Ceramic tile and stone are popular with homeowners because they are moisture resistant, making them a natural fit for baths. They’re also perfect for kitchens, since they won’t scratch, dent, cut or burn. In addition to flooring, ceramic tile and stone are also perfect for countertops and walls. Overall, ceramic tile and stone bring quality, value and beauty to your home.

So, after you’ve specified the perfect tile or stone for your home, it is important to choose premium installation materials that will accentuate and complete the design you are trying to achieve.

“Selecting the right color grout or caulk is critical to achieving the best look for your tile and stone surface,” explained Sandra Eich, marketing manager, TEC., Palatine, Ill., experts in the tile and stone industry. “When considering installation products, it is important to consider color choice to find a color that best suits your needs, color accuracy to best match your tile or stone, and ease of use for simple installation and minimal clean-up.”

With its exclusive AccuColor® Grout colors, TEC delivers all of this, and more. AccuColor Grout colors provide unmatched color accuracy, color consistency and ease of use with colors that accent the latest trends in tile and stone. Offering 32 different color selections, you are able to choose from and array of colors complementing the latest consumer fashion trends in tile and stone. Some of the colors available with AccuColor Grouts include the following: mist, reminiscent of misty, coastal days; clay, a burnt orange similar to aged terracotta; starry night, a deep, dark navy blue; and more.

AccuColor Grout colors are also lab formulated to precise digitally determined color specifications using advanced ‘color metrics’ technology. Each batch of grout is assured to be the right color using a color computer called a ‘spectrophotometer,’ providing superior color accuracy that matches your tile and stone.

The TEC AccuColor Grouts colors are available at most home improvement centers, as well as ceramic tile and stone distributors. To find the nearest outlet, log onto and search by ZIP or postal code.

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