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Dreaming of a New Kitchen?

Consumers Waking Up to Today’s Remodeling Options

(ARA) - If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen this year, you’re probably interested in discovering the latest trends in kitchen décor and technology. The latest and greatest products will both enhance the style of your kitchen and make cooking more convenient.

One of the greatest underlying themes in kitchen decorating this year is bold personalization. “We’re seeing people running the gamut of colors, materials, and designs in the kitchen, depending on the look they’re going for,” said Kelly Kegans, editor of “Beautiful Kitchens and Beautiful Baths.” “The kitchen’s décor has become a canvas for bolder decorating choices that suit your personality.”

Styles, spaces, and gadgets that work best for how you use the kitchen are current decorating themes. Unique and edgy décor are also popular. Savor the following kitchen discoveries and wet your appetite for remodeling!


One of the most costly features in a kitchen remodeling project is replacing cabinetry. Cabinets are also the most visual and hands-on element in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder replacing them is an important factor in any kitchen renovation.

The newest trend in cabinets is not just exterior looks, but personalized storage. Whether you’re looking for open shelves, a built-in wine rack, china displays, or a wall of cubby holes, cabinet makers are producing an ever-increasing number of options based on consumer wants and needs. Now should be the time to select cabinets that make more efficient use of space.

Roll-out trays, lid holders, bread boxes, and other concealed features promote efficiency and provide for a more user-friendly cooking space.


Chef-style cooking equipment is still the most popular appliance design for the home this year. Six-burner gas cooktops with front controls are a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen, so are ranges that measure up to four-feet wide. Refrigerators have also seen a makeover with exterior drawers for ease of use.

These conveniences, Kegans says, make it easier for children to reach juice boxes and other goodies in the refrigerator. They also provide another way to conceal and integrate appliances into the décor of the home. Other convenience-enhancing products include warming drawers, built-in steamers, and barbecue grills on the cooktop.

Stainless steel, which began its growth from professional to home use several years ago, continues its rise in 2003. A stainless steel finish on refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances is still a popular choice for the remodeler.


In the not-too-distant past, choosing a sink was simple -- porcelain or stainless? Today, sinks come in a multitude of sizes, styles, colors and materials; they are taking on a personality all their own.

“Sinks that move uninterrupted from the countertop to the basin, as well as sinks with a professional feel, such as three-bowl sinks, are a popular choice when remodeling a kitchen,” Kegans explains.

Composite sinks have become more commonplace because of their ability to withstand everyday cuts, scratches, scuffs, stains, and heat. MoenStone Granite sinks, for example, marry durability with popular colors and designs. They have options for one- or two-bowl sinks; under-mount or drop-in installation; and matching bar and preparatory sinks. With as many possibilities as the new composite sinks present, it’s easy to find a sink that complements your choice of countertop.

Counter Tops

Unusual colors and materials are the usual vogue in countertop design. While ceramic tile is still a charming and timeless option for your counter, its special care requirements have encouraged remodelers to look for alternatives. Solid surface countertops are becoming increasingly popular, and are used in most professionally designed kitchens because of the ease of cleaning and ability to hold up in the kitchen’s high-traffic area. These countertops are easily repairable, and won’t chip or crack. Another popular choice is granite, an option known for its durability and dramatic looks. Though granite can be rather pricey, there are also a number of solid surfacing options that imitate the look of granite at a lower cost.


High arc faucets are big on convenience, whether it comes to rinsing a roasting pan or filling a large pot. So it’s no surprise kitchen remodelers are choosing faucets that give you lots of room to work. Pull-down spouts are also a convenient feature that allows you to do more work out of the sink and achieve more than traditional pull-out side sprays, according to Kegans. But convenient advances for the faucet don’t mean cooks want to sacrifice style. That’s why many of the newest faucets still have a classic design.

Moen’s Aberdeen faucet features a classic, old-world style with all the convenience of a high arc design and pull-down spout. Perhaps the most practical feature of this faucet is its unique “pause” button -- a push-button on the pull-down spout allows users to interrupt the water flow while moving the spout outside of the sink to fill a vase or water a plant on a windowsill.

Faucets featuring built-in water filtration systems, such as Moen’s PureTouch, are also a convenient kitchen addition, providing filtered water for drinking and cooking. In finishes, copper and stainless steel are on the rise in popularity. Copper’s old-world appeal complements similar finishes in range hoods and cookware, while stainless steel matches to professional grade appliances seem to be a must for homeowners wishing to complete their “commercial kitchen” look.


Color is being used more in the kitchen this year and the colors that are hot include romantic and cheeky pinks, vibrant oranges and reds, pearlized and metallic yellows, gold pewter and silver washes, copper, and off-setting neutral shades like bisque. A trend when selecting colors is to pick an accent shade, typically brighter or darker than the one used for the majority of the cabinets and walls, and use it to highlight a dominant piece such as an island or unique cabinet unit. Such color usage draws the eye to exceptional kitchen spaces and breaks up monotony in color.


So what’s in store for the future? Bolder colors, more professional-grade cooking appliances, and even more unique materials (think wooden sink bowls!) could become more commonplace. Don’t be afraid to be bold and personalize when it comes to your kitchen’s décor -- remember, it’s your home, design it to suit your likes and needs.

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