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Spring Trends What's hot, what's not.

What will homes be wearing for Spring? Here are some clues on the unique forces driving the home decorating market this year:

We are living with increasing demands on our time. Everything is "24/7" and we are used to instant gratification. We are more plugged in than ever before with the increasing use of cell phones, voice mail and email that is able to reach us around the clock. The ailing economy has us thinking about how we will spend our precious dollars. These less affluent times mean that we will be careful not to make costly decorating mistakes. We are looking for quality and value - products that will last.

It is interesting to note that while some areas of the economy are having trouble, purchases for home decorating remain popular. More than ever, people are spending more time at home, eating in more, entertaining friends at home and even working from home. We realize home is the center of our lives and the source of our most important experiences.

Since 9/11, we have a renewed sense of the importance of family and friends. And our pride in America has never been stronger.

All of this is influencing how we see our homes. American fashion trends seem more important than what is going on in Europe. Exotic tribal looks are not as appealing as our own homegrown style.

  • Vivid color, high contrast brights are out. They seem too garish for our senses. Subdued, refined hues are in. Tried and true decorating seems safer and a return to formality is in the air. Look to the past to recapture the elegance and glamour of the 20's and 30's with rich velvet and satins, and thick luxurious carpets.


  • Comfort is in. Flat, low pile carpet seems too harsh for rooms we want to feel cozy in. Plush styles that we can sink our feet into feel comforting. We are also drawn to texture and pattern that is more complex than basic non-descript carpet.


  • Neutrals are better than ever. The basics now include beige, camel, taupe, grey, gold, soft greens and blues. Color that has been "neutralized" feels like a good choice to anchor our rooms. Small patterns seem tasteful, like classic menswear patterns.


  • Color is softer, more natural than we saw in the 90's. Blue is surging in popularity as an all-American color, as well as providing the calming influence we need. Colors that blend with the environment are also welcome sights. Black seems a bit too somber and is being replaced with organic browns that can be just as rich and dark. Red and even orange is showing up as a sense of optimism creeps back into our world. Ambiguous, chameleon colors are also popping up with undertones that can make them seem like 2 or 3 colors in one. They are seen as sophisticated and expensive.


  • High design is not just for the elite. Today's fast paced world has enabled new designs and colors to move into the mainstream almost immediately. First time homeowners are just as likely to want an individual environment, designed just for them. They want it to be rich in color and reflect their lifestyle, and are able to create complex color schemes that will be different from their next door neighbor.

Lastly, whatever the trend, it is important to remain true to your own likes and dislikes. Study the latest styles to have a sense of where the market is headed, but don't change direction if your style feels right for you.

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