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Renovating a Kitchen? Get a Kitchen Designer Now!

Renovating a Kitchen? Get a Kitchen Designer Now!

(ARA) - If you’re renovating a kitchen, don’t skimp on the one thing that will make or break your experience and potentially your kitchen -- a professional kitchen designer.

Kitchen designers remain the unsung heroes of the design world, but they can save you a pounding headache and a drained bank account if you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen design is highly specialized and complex. An authorized kitchen designer is imperative, in conjunction with an interior designer, an architect or alone. Kitchen designers understand how a kitchen works. If you've retained an architect and/or an interior designer, insist on working with a kitchen designer as well, particularly if you’re planning to use a custom cabinet manufacturer, to ensure a well-planned, well-executed design.

And involve a kitchen design pro early in the process, whether you're building or remodeling. George Achey, president of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, in Schafferstown, Pa., said, “I’ve seen some very expensive kitchens grow even more expensive, because a kitchen designer wasn’t part of the remodeling process from the beginning. There’s so much to think about, from design elements to very practical considerations. A kitchen designer’s job is to stay on top of all of that and manage the project, so it runs as smoothly as possible.”

Kitchen designers think about the little things that can become big if not anticipated -- like the placement of outlets, size and shape of appliances and proper storage spaces. They know about kitchen trends, innovations and specific manufacturer details; they keep abreast of the frequent changes, finishes and options offered by the many companies that will be a part of your kitchen.

Think about your kitchen designer as your advocate, adding value by providing knowledge and ideas. Engaging one is not only helpful but inspirational and smart. A kitchen designer is worth the investment.

Achey added, “If a homeowner wants a Plain & Fancy kitchen, she must work through one of our independent kitchen showrooms. It ensures the best possible satisfaction with our product and the entire renovation.”

To locate an authorized kitchen designer, contact Plain & Fancy at (800) 447-9006, or visit East of the Mississippi only.

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