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How to Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

How to Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

(ARA) - It used to be that Americans wanted their bathrooms to revive them. Pulsating showers, bathtubs with jets, and even strong, spicy soaps were designed to be invigorating, to wake you up and get you ready for the world.

Times have changed. Now we want to relax and be soothed when we’re at home; and when it comes to the bathroom, we want to be pampered like we’re at an expensive spa. Most of us can’t install large steam showers and Japanese soaking tubs, but it is possible to turn an ordinary-sized bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

“Just a few inexpensive items can transform your bathroom,” says Todd Imholte, president of Minnesota-based Environmental Graphics, a company that makes decorative products for the home. “All of those trendy bathroom fixtures can add up, and most people don’t have room for them,” he adds.

Follow these easy tips from the design experts at Environmental Graphics to create a personal spa in your bathroom without the high costs of renovation:

* Change the color of your walls to something soothing like a gentle blue, a pastel green, or even a pale lilac.

* Keep large, thick 100 percent cotton bath towels close at hand. They will maintain their softness if you only use them for certain occasions (like your spa days).

* Get some aromatherapy candles to match your color scheme. Not only will the soft glow make you feel relaxed, the scent will be calming as well.

* Create a rain forest effect with Stick’n Stile design appliqués. These decorative accents of leaves and tropical plants can easily be applied to bathroom surfaces such as tile, porcelain or mirrors. Soften your stark white tile with a peaceful design of your own creation. You can also choose from other shapes and styles including dragonflies, flowers and tropical fish.

* Make your own bath oil by combining sunflower oil or sweet almond oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Store in a decorative glass container.

* To soothe achy muscles combine Epson salts with a few drops of essential oil and add to your bath water.

* You can also blend Epson salts with kosher salt and grapeseed oil for a body scrub that exfoliates and seals in moisture.

* Fill the bathtub with extra-hot water and let it heat the porcelain for 10 minutes before getting in. This will also allow the salts or oils to diffuse into the water. Make sure you check the temperature with your wrist before you step in.

* Move a portable CD player into the bathroom and gather up some relaxation music: nature sounds or soft classical works well. If you don’t have anything, check your local library.

* Make sure you have plenty of soft washcloths, scented soaps and face masks on hand. Many spas offer samples of items that you can take home for use in your personal escape.

Just before you get into the bath, make yourself a cup of hot, soothing tea to sip. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated, all without making a single appointment.

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