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Black and White (To Tread All Over)
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Life may have lots of gray areas, but this living room floor is an uncomplicated black and white. Itís a high-impact choice, for sure, but the glossy, zebra-striped effect can be a fabulous backdrop for a fun, modern sensibility. Crisp, contemporary shapes, bright dashes of color or a large art collection would all be set off in style by this bold floor treatment. Remember that you can always tame a patch of floor with a rug, to tone down the contrast for a quieter conversation area (think white shag, or something equally textural). And you can warm the room with a splash of fiery red, or some other dramatic stroke of color on furnishings. The painting itself couldnít be simpler, since you are just laying down broad stripes of black and white. The high-gloss finish takes some painstaking preparation, however, so do be prepared to put in a few days of work.

Benjamin Moore Paints
Benjamin Moore & Co. has produced quality paint since 1883, when the young Benjamin Moore, a recent Irish immigrant, began his paint business venture with his brother, William, in a small building in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Benjamin Moore & Co. continues to develop and produce new paint products, such as Pristine, a solvent-free, low odor, low VOC, water-thinnable coating system that utilizes our own advanced materials technology.
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