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 AmticoŽ Vinyl Flooring 
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Constant comings and goings need an easy to care for floor. Halls and landings are known by the trade as "high traffic" areas, meaning they get a lot of wear and tear from people coming and going. For this reason you need a floor here that is durable and particularly easy to clean, especially if it leads to an external doorway. It's best to think about a practical shade or pattern, as you don’t want to be forever worrying about seeing footprints! Hard floorings are now the most popular choice for halls, and create a smart look to suit all kinds of homes. Many new homes are being built with hard flooring included for much of the downstairs of the home, starting with the hall. The Amtico range offers an incredibly wide choice to let you create the mood you want - from contemporary limestones, stately marbles and rustic slates to warm and welcoming woods in over 30 different styles. Don't forget you also get a choice of borders and motifs to personalise your

AmticoŽ Vinyl Flooring
Although traditionally, Amtico has been the perfect flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, an ever-growing product range of over 200 shades and textures has quickly shown its ability to create a striking impression wherever it appears in the home.Whatever size, shape or type of room you have, all it takes is a little imagination and a totally individual Amtico floor can be yours. Just click on your chosen room below, to see a selection of inspiring possibilities.
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