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 Pratt & Lambert® Paints 
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Pratt & Lambert - Antique Walls
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A sense of history and nostalgia seems to prevail. There’s an ambience in your old house of periods gone by, and it seems the rooms should echo a luxurious, mellow past. To achieve an aged look and feel in a room’s atmosphere, consider a painting technique often referred to as "Rubbed Paint" or "Rubbed Antiquing." This decorative finish for the walls gently and authentically can recall former times and complement your overall interior vision of an elegant past. Aging the Paint "Rubbed Paint," also known as "Rubbed Antiquing" or simply "Rubbing," when applied to walls or furniture evokes a sense of weathered elegance. Colors applied on top of each other are rubbed back, gently exposingthe layers and suggesting years of use. The technique is used on walls and also on wooden furniture, such as tables and cabinets, to achieve an ambience of antiquity.

Pratt & Lambert® Paints
Pratt & Lambert Paints stand for quality products. This coupled with
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