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 Mannington Hardwood Flooring 
Photo GalleryMannington Hardwood Flooring

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Hand Crafted, American Craftsman Antique Amberwood
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With a distinctive “crackle” finish for a look that is both rustic and refined, Antique Amberwood is a sophisticated, yet down-to-earth floor. Its subtle finish is accented by knots and splits which add character and charm. Antique Amberwood is available in four warm colors - Burnished Gold, Hammered Steel, Polished Bronze, and Etched Copper.

Mannington Hardwood Flooring
ManningElegance engineered for superior performance. Engineered Hardwood flooring is real hardwood - the word “engineered” just refers to the way in which it’s made. And there are many benefits to choosing an engineered product over a solid product.
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