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 Commercial Market Segments
 Commerical Market Segments 
Residential Homes, New Home Construction  Learn more...
Summer break offers only three months for upgrade and installation in educational facilities. This is a critical window of opportunity to get crews in and out - and get the job done. It's essential to have guaranteed inventory for quick delivery. Installation must be dependable, economical. And, of course, it must come from a company that stands behind its products.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: college/university, elementary/middle/high school, preschool/daycare,  and more...
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It takes functionality, flexibility, selection, economy, and above all, compliance to meet a government spec. Not to mention comprehensive product selection for practically every end-use. corporate, educational, healthcare, and hospitality. Delivery must be fast, with detailed project management and turnkey installation. And all products must satisfy stringent environmental requirements.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: government offices, police stations,  and more...
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Designing for hospitality means vast design and performance requirements. Stunning public spaces and corridors that can tolerate heavy traffic. Reception, pre-function, and function areas that are attractive and hold up to crisis cleaning. Guest rooms that are homelike, yet guest-proof. Dining areas that friendly, yet maintainable. And back-of -house that's ergonomic and functional.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: dormitory, fraternity, sorority, half-way house, hotels, motels, inns, resorts, nursing home, assisted living, residential care, retirement homes, shelters, orphanages, children's homes,  and more...
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The healthcare market- with its demands of functionality and maintainability - is the most demanding flooring specification in the marketplace. Add the aesthetic priorities of the hospitality market, and the challenges abound. For that, you need a range of unique products with specialized performance characteristics. You want it delivered on time and on budget. With turnkey installation and project management for minimum downtime.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: clinic, dentist's offices, doctor's offices, hospital, outpatient rehabilitation, veterinarian's office,  and more...
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Multi Family/Housing
Buildings used to offer multiple accommodations for permanent or long-term residents, including multi familing housing, skilled nursing and residential care buildings, dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted living, or other residential care buildings, convents and monasteries, shelters, orphanages, children's homes and halfway houses.  Learn more...
The corporate project has specific priorities. In-depth options for tenant lease. Signature products for upscale areas. High performance items for intensive use. Cost effective quick-ship options. With fast accurate variations - color, texture, pattern - to achieve the exact combination of aesthetics and performance.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: administrative offices, professional offices,  and more...
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Religious Worship
Buildings in which people gather for religious activities, (such as chapels, churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples).  Learn more...
Buildings used for preparation and sale of food and beverages for consumption.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: bars, restaurants,  and more...
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Hard line retailers - furniture, booksellers, electronics, home centers, national chains - rely on distinctive design, enhanced performance, and maintainability. Soft line retailers - apparel, boutiques, specialty - expect signature styling, occupant comfort, and a pleasing backdrop for high margin sales. For both, nationwide single sourcing, project management, delivery, and installation is a given.

Types of projects we have we have worked on: alcoholic beverage store, barber shop, beauty parlor, bookstore stores, car dealership, showroom, clothing stores, convenience stores, dry cleaner, furniture stores, hardware stores, strip shopping center,  and more...
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Service Buildings
Buildings in which some type of service is provided, other than food service or retail sales of goods. Including vehicle service or vehicle repair shops, vehicle storage/ maintenance buildings, repair shops, dry cleaner and laundromats, car washes, gas stations, photo processing shops, beauty parlors and barber shops, tanning salons, copy centers and printing shops, and kennels.  Learn more...
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