Award Hardwood Flooring

Award Hardwood Floors

Award Hardwood Flooring prides itself on innovation, bringing consumers the best hardwood flooring product designs first. Award Hardwood Flooring will surely satisfy even the most discriminating consumer! Their commitment to high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes can without a doubt be seen from product to product, board to board. Award Hardwood Flooring is guaranteed to perform better than any other engineered wood floor on the market today.

Award Hardwood Floors offers an assorted selection of flooring styles manufactured in a wide variety of wood species and colors.

  • Award American Traditions -  American Traditions flooring offers the performance and installation advantages of the finest hard-surface floors with the superior appearance, quality, and value of real hardwood.
  • Award Bamboo - With its deep rich colors and unique grain characteristics, bamboo provides graceful beauty and pureness unsurpassed to other floor covering options. Made with high quality raw materials, Award Bamboo is fabricated using the most up-to-date manufacturing advancements to bring you a product with improved stability and wear ability.
  • Award Antique Plank - Grandpa’s rocking chair, forth generation dining room table, a set of antique china that’s been handed down through the family… relics, heirlooms, objects with unquestionable character and charm; a look only achieved by use and the passage of time. Master’s Touch Antique Plank captures the distinct character and appearance of an antique floor conditioned over time and will continue to call to mind historic splendor and distinctive styling for years to come.
  • Award Majestic Wide Plank - A plank with a remarkable sense of style and character, not to mention an enduring elegance in both style and construction, Master’s Touch™ Majestic Plank has it all. Top quality lumber is crafted into wide plank, showcasing the innate beauty and unique graining of real planks. Master’s Touch Majestic Wide Plank spans the eras exemplifying natural sophistication and a historic style.
  • Award Time Worn Plank - A charming style inspired by the techniques of early 19th century craftsman, when wide plank was hand planed, creating unique works of art. Award Time Worn Plank offers a remarkable look that will compliment a variety of interior design motifs; from the most modern interiors to Old World eclectic settings. Master’s Touch Time Worn Plank offers a textured 3-dimensional hand-crafted style with enduring historical appeal.
  • Award Terra Bella - A masterpiece is a collection of many elements. Style, color, texture, lighting, and mood all play an important role. Everything must come together to fashion the perfect ambiance. Terra Bella wide plank is designed with such splendid artistry that it creates a masterpiece of any interior space.
  • Award Patina Relics Collection - “Life is simple” a famous poet once said. “Where there is love there is life”. The planks used to produce the Patina Relics Collection are hand selected by our American Millers, expertly hand scraped, sanded, and finished for the most discriminating of tastes. Relics hand scraped wood  look so simple, but they are the result of a complex hand sculpting and finishing process, designed for today’s home or business interiors.

WEARMAX is a space-age ceramic finish representing a dramatic leap forward in wear resistance technology. It is the most durable finish on the planet. WEARMAX is based on the same materials used for the ceramic shuttle nose cone shielding NASA astronauts during their 17,500-mph re-entries. A thin layer of UV hardened WEARMAX finish provides crystal clear protection for preserving the natural beauty distinctive to genuine plank. With WEARMAX advance ceramic finish your plank is wear resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

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