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Family Owned and Operated

Fred's Carpet has been family owned and operated since 1959. Currently owned by Andrew and Marianne Capobianco, the third generation at Fred's.

Expert Advise

At Fred's Carpet, our dedicated and professional staff is ready to help you decorate your home, from carpet to flooring, window treatments,and even paint selection!

Expert Installation

The key to a great product is how it's installed. At Fred's Carpet we take great pride in our installations. Our installers have many years of experience, and their goal is your satisfaction.

Courteous; Reliable Service

Follow up service is key to any successful business. Customer satisfaction is priority one at Fred's Carpet. Any customer concerns are handled swiftly and courteously.

Competitive Prices

Fred's Carpet is committed to offering competitive prices, while maintaining our high standards of service and installation.

Great Selection

Fred's Carpet offers the finest brands and products available. Our selection is truly amazing considering our showroom space. As our founder Fred always said, "We're the little store that gives you more!"

Environmentally Safe Products

Fred's Carpet is committed to going green. Many of our products are hypo-allergenic, and all of our adhesives are environmentally safe.

Our Warranty

Fred's Carpet offers a two year warranty on all installations unless noted otherwise. We adhere to all manufacturer's warranties, and will persue resolution on our customer's behalf when any manufacturing concerns arise.

No interest financing available!
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