Mark Clayton & Chris Johnson Discuss Phenix's 2018 Diversification & Product Focus

February 8, 2018—Mark Clayton and Chris Johnson, President and SVP of Sales, respectively, with Phenix, and Kemp Harr, Publisher of Floor Focus Magazine, discuss Phenix's message at Surfaces 2018. Phenix, a privately held company, is coming off a strong growth year in 2017 and the company continues to invest in new carpet technology as well as diversifying further into the LVT, rigid core and mainstreet commercial segments of the business. Phenix's theme for this year's show was Crafted by Phenix.
Paul Cleary, CEO, Lexmark Carpet Mills - Part 1

Paul Cleary talks about the history of the company, its entrée in the hospitality market and later involvement in the retail market as well as its decision to enter the extrusion and twisting sector.
From Custom Design to Custom Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. is proud to create the only custom Axminster carpet being woven the USA. Contact your local agent to start your own custom creation at
Introduction to Nourison

Crafting fine quality area rugs, broadloom carpets and home accessories.
Helios Quartz - IR Technology in carpet production

Helios Quartz - IR Technology in carpet production

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