Momeni video one of a kind rugs from around the world. All hand knotted vintage rugs

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Nourison Kathy Ireland Collections

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The Karastan brand represents much more than flooring! Beginning at 2:02 pm on April 28, 1998, we walk you through the rich history of quality craftsmanship and innovation that is Karastan.

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BOEN is international player in the hardwood flooring business. BOEN products are sold in more than 50 countries, on four continents. Through continuous investment and production development BOEN have become one of Europe's largest and modern producers of hardwood flooring. With its leading production site in Lithuania the BOEN brand continues to increase its worldwide market share by offering quality products to its partners.

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Company video balta group

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As a part of Mohawk’s company-wide commitment to Believe in Better, our employees participated in several fun green-minded activities in celebration of Earth Day 2017.

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