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 Mary Gilliatt's Interior Design Course (Decor Best-Sellers)From choosing a color scheme to redesigning an entire house, Mary Gilliattís Interior Design Course provides a complete step-by-step road map for success. This book is conveniently organized into two sections. Section One, The Basics, provides tested techniques for mastering the main elements of good design: lighting; color; texture and pattern; and scale and balance. It also includes a valuable overview of historical styles, providing the reader with a quick-reference catalog of common design influences.

Section Two, The Specifics, demonstrates an array of creative approaches for walls, windows, floors, and furnishings suitable for any type of room. Readers will discover how to use special paint finishes and fabrics to create exciting wall coverings; innovative ways to bring new life to blinds, curtains, screens, shutters, and other window treatments; tips for choosing the right type of furniture to complete a specific room; and finally, how to combine all these elements together to create a harmonious, one-of-a-kind living space.

Finally, the all-important Finishing Touches section demonstrates how to choose the accessories and extra details that help reflect a particular look or style. Plus, this remarkable guide is packed with lavish photography and clear, insightful text that make it easy for readers to utilize these very same no-fail techniques in their own homes.

Perfect for veteran decorators as well as novices decorating their first home, Mary Gilliattís Interior Design Course is the definitive one-stop guide for creating interiors that are beautiful, unique, and totally oneís own.

  Date Published 9/1/2001

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Rated By: Laura
From: Tucson, AZ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A terrific book
If your mind has been on other things, and you suddenly need to know all the basics, this is the book for you. All subjects are covered in a comprehensive way. This was a great help to me since I have needed to decorate a new house from scratch, and really never was acquainted with the basic ideas. If you need a really good start (and even middle and finish) try this book. I think it was well worth the price.
Rated By: R. Wismer "ronbo6170"
From: Jeffersonville, PA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Dated
Too much fluff. Typeface is very small and hard to read. Pictures have a yellowish cast and the room scenes look dated.
Rated By: Rainbow
From: Chicago, IL
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Worst ever
We just bought a house and I bought many interior design/home decorating books recently and screened through a bunch in a book store. I bought this one because I saw it was named as a best seller, and I seriously do not understand how could this become a best seller, maybe best seller 5 tears ago? When the book arrived from Amzon, both my husband and I were shocked: Who would want to design like that? The pictures are simply ugly!!! Both the pictures and text are so dated, and the text type is the smallest I have ever seen. I could not bare to read two paragraphs because my eyes were too strained.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Helpful Book
This book is excellent for laying out the basics for decorating/designing a house. More so than other books, descibes in detail numberous aspects of decorating that are important and not just stating the obvious.

My only diappointment of the book are with the photographs. The books descibes dozens of differnt style of decorating. 95% of the photographs are of contemporary/modern homes. Having a few more traditional photographs would have been helpful.

Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Outstanding Intro. Course!
The Interior Design Course book by Mary Gilliat's is defenitely a comprehensive interior design 101 for all of those interested in design, decoration and perhaps contemplating interior design as a future career. The book takes you from initial planning stages to the small details, gives you solutions to any design problems, and offers an extensive glossary of terms at the end of each section. This book is a must for the budding decorator!