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 Great Windows & Walls Collection More photos and more ideas than any other book of window solutions.

Creative window treatments and wall colors combined for stylish, elegant home decor.

Custom solutions using curtains, valances, cornices, swags and jabots, shades, shutters, blinds, and draperies.

Tips help homeowners choose the perfect covering for any window.

Advice on working with pros for custom treatments.

  Date Published 8/9/2005

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Rated By: Cinda
From: St. Louis
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Comments: a lot of book for the money
Love the number of window treatments in the book. I was looking for some ideas that weren't too crafty or off-the-wall but different. I also didn't want a lot of technical detail on how to make the coverings, but I needed enough to be able to explain it to a seamstress.
Rated By: Charles Randall
From: Orange, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The world's leading expert on window decorating
I pickup up this book at Barnes & Noble (not to actually buy it; just literally picked it up to look at it) and laughed out loud. It's actually kind of funny that Meredith Books thinks they can pull together some stock photography and then have their staff toss in some text and Walla! The public will buy another one of their dogs. I am always amazed that people actually spend hard earned money on stock photo books. Some publishers get pretty good at pulling old photos, out-of-print book photos, photos from their other books that didn't sell and try once more to dupe the public. Not that this is being done here, but the book seems old even though it is new-hmmm, something seems amiss. Why not go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and look at it yourself. You be the final judge, not the marketing blitz from the publisher.
Rated By: Vilma Silverio
From: New York
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A Wonderful and Beautiful Book!
Great Windows & Walls Collection has hundreds of pictures; this is a spectacular book that will help you create a gorgeous personal sanctuary with its ideas of furnishing, window treatment and wall finishes. This is an excellent book for inspiration, regardless of your own personal style.