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 Decorate Your Home with Trompe L'oeil: On Walls, Furniture, Frames & MoreDecorate Your Home with Trompe L'oeil: On Walls, Furniture, Frames and More
  Date Published 12/31/2001

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Rated By: Stephen C. Lott "sclott"
From: Pensacola, FL
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Comments: Fool the Reader
Jocelyn Kerr Holding's book is misleading and insulting with it's self-presentation as a"Quick & Easy" how-to book. In her chapter titled "Easy Trompe L'Oeil" She has the nerve to say "With those of you tackling this technique for the first time in mind, I decided to describe six easy projects simple to draw and amusing to do. The "step-by-step" explinations which follow have been they can be carried out without too many dificulites". But her steps are vauge and useless, rarely haveing more than four steps. You can not learn how to paint wood grain or marble in four steps, although marble is presented here in three meaningless steps. So as a learning tool this book is useless. I would recommend instead Trompe L'Oeil Creating Decorative Illusions with Paint by Roberta Gordon-Smith or Painting Murals by Patricia Seligman, for new muralist. However, if you are a skilled artist versed in most forms of Trompe L'oeil, but are looking for classic examples of the technique, there are some lovely examples in this book. I'm keeping my copy as refrence material, which is how it should have been presented.
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
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Comments: An outstanding how-to guide to decorative painting
Quick & Easy Trompe I'Oeil is an outstanding how-to guide to decorative painting on walls, furniture and even bricks and presents easy step-by-step techniques for using the trompe i'oeil technique. A range of examples of pictorial art from all styles, from still life to Surrealistic paintings, provide painters with many different ideas to choose from, while the techniques are easy to follow and duplicate. Color photos pack the presentation.