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 How to Paint Murals & Trompe L'Oeil
Beginners can try their hands at basic projects (some requiring only six steps to complete,) while intermediate decorators can take on more elaborate trompe l'oeil compositions featuring landscapes, drapery and architectural elements.

Complete instructions show how to block out shapes, scale drawings, and use shading and highlighting to create three-dimensional effects. Readers will also find a techniques and materials section, as well as a template section with full-size, traceable patterns.

  Date Published 7/1/2000

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Rated By: One Patriotic Citizen
From: Fairfax Station, VA
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Comments: How to Paint Murals, etc. by V. Ellerton
This book has lovely pictures - it definitely is helpful in determining how to paint certain types of simplistic murals, but is not detailed enough for intense scenes, skies, landscapes, etc. A good book to start out with if you are interested in how to paint murals.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: not what I was looking for
I purchased this book hoping to get some good pointers on how to move from landscape painting into the mural stage, but I found the book quite simplistic. It would be a great guide if you are wanting a fast, simple, stencil-look, but not for the serious artist.
Rated By: Jody Ross-macDonald
From: Canada
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: How to Paint Murals if you are expierienced!!!
I purchaced this book to get another perspective on painting murals. I am a beginner and I found that only the mid to advanced artist, would enhance their ability to do murals. This book is not for beginners!!! I have since purchaced other books that deal with all levels from the beginner to the advanced and felt I could follow and learn more as I gain confidence and expierience. I have not opened the book since, Maybe in 5 years I may relate more to it. Sorry. JR
Rated By: Vanessa Derickson
From: Wisconsin
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: What a waste of money...
I bought this book hoping for some good ideas and a little inspiration. Instead I got book full of so-called murals and tompe l'oeil that the average person would never use.

Some of the projects in this book are so rudimentary and plain ugly (including a Q-Bertesque wall) that I am embaressed to say I own this book. Yeesh!

Rated By: tamara cicogna
From: Buckhannon, West Virginia
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Comments: How to paint murals and Trompe L'oeil
what makes this book special is the clear instructions on 1) color it shows you the colors on a pallete so there easy to match with any brand they even have a paint directory 2) the list of supplies are put clearly in a grey box in the corner of the page makes an easy shopping list 3) excellent pictures of tools in action 4) lots and lots of templates. History Instruction and Inspiration it's all there!