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 Made of Light : The art of Light and Architecture Our visual world is made of light. We light to see and to communicate. We light for security, to create mood and atmosphere, to enhance and entertain. Where natural light fails man has learned to improvise, constantly developing new technologies to illuminate art and architecture.
Our visual experience and emotional reaction to buildings is shaped by the control of light and shadow. Light is increasingly integrated into the fabric of buildings and becomes a part of the architecture.
Jonathan Speirs and Mark Major are experienced, award-winning Lighting Architects working internationally at the forefront of lighting design. This vividly illustrated book explores the influences that inspire their work. It investigates the basic properties and qualities of light, presents a sketchbook of ideas and observations, and includes an in-depth interview.
  Date Published 10/1/2005

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Rated By: Richard Pilbrow "rplight"
From: Ridgefield CT
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Comments: The Beauty of Light
This must be one of the most insightful and beautiful books on light ever written. It should inspire every lighting designer . . . and architect