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 The Antique Hunter's Guide to American Furniture: Chests, Cupboards, Desks & Other PiecesThe Antique Hunter's Guide to American Furniture is an indispensable reference and collecting tool for novice and experienced collectors alike. Expertly researched, each of the 334 representative examples of chests, cupboards, desks, racks, stands and other pieces-from Federal to Colonial Revival to Mission to modern-are photographed in full color and accompanied by an authoritative description of the variations, materials, origin, and (if known) maker. Price listings and tips help both casual and serious collectors find great buys and identify valuable pieces. An extensive reference section includes a checklist for identifying styles, a discussion on construction and types of woods, an illustrated glossary, a list of public collections, tips for buying at auction and much, much more.
  Date Published 9/4/2000

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From: Canada
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Comments: A Worthy Addition to Your Library
A wonderful book that is replete with detail, this edition is indispensable for those who frequent auctions and antique shops. The examples given in the book run the gamut from utilitarian/functional to elaborate/ornate. The book is weighted towards the low-medium market, and examples of antiques that are reachable only to those with a prodigious income are few and far between; no Boulle, Belter, or Marot to be seen here. As such, this volume is infinitely usable, and somewhat of a welcome change from the reams of books focused on antiques only seen at Sotheby's or museums. This volume makes a wonderful companion to Miller's Price Guide.