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 100 Turn-of-the-Century House Plans Affordable reprint of rare 1909 catalog, featuring authentic illustrations and floor plans for homes ranging from simple three-room bungalows to elaborate 10- and 12-room structures with sitting rooms, libraries, parlors, and wraparound porches. An excellent reference for home restorers, preservationists, and students of American architectural history. A delight for Americana fans and nostalgia lovers.
  Date Published 8/25/2000

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Rated By: Rosemary F. Thornton
From: Midwest
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Comments: Before there were kit homes, there were plan books...
This is a reprint of Radford's 1909 Plan Book and (may I one day be forgiven for saying this, but), some of these houses were ugly. I mean really and truly UGLY.

But some of them weren't so bad. If you were a wanna-be homeowner (almost) 100 years ago, you'd peruse the pages and pick out a house that suited your needs and your pocketbook. Then you'd send in a few bucks (typically $5 or so) and receive a full set of blueprints that you'd use to build your dream house.

The quality of this reprint is good and this is a fun read, if for no other reason than to get an idea of the evolution of American architecture.

author, The Houses That Sears Built
co-author, California's Kit Homes