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 Start and Run a Home Cleaning BusinessTarget your market and assess competition - Get started and keep organized - Polish both your business and cleaning techniques.
  Date Published 1/13/2003

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Rated By: S. Jean Erdman
From: France
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Comments: A Training Manager's Review
The book explains, in simple to understand processes, the methods in commencing a small home based business. The concepts are applicable to any service industry. Susan is to be congratulated on taking it the distance she did. We could use more pioneers like her. Well done! ageless to date.
Rated By: E Miles Land
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Good Book
This is a good book, not too original or with the times though, times are changing fast. I would recommend augmenting it with the Suze and Ev method for starting a cleaning business, which is available online. Google it!
Rated By: A. Combs
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Disappointed
The book is so basic - no details. For example, you would think it would go into the details of insurance - what the difference is between bonding and liability insurance and advise you as to which you need, and where to go for this, and how much to expect it to cost. Instead the book only says, "This Insurance is important protection" and will "offset the costs of major damages". Same with Licenses. It tells you that you need one - offers no advice as to how to go about getting one, if there are fees, etc. - zero details at all. I was very disappointed in this book.
Rated By: M. Johnson
From: Fort Worth, TX
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Well Written - Very Helpful
This book is very well written and an excellent guide if the reader is looking to build a successful, profitable home cleaning business. Susan Bewsey does a good job of outlining the steps you need to take to get this business off the ground, and to maintain the business. She also gives a good general idea of what all the business involves. As far as holding your hand to go get the license, bonding and, she doesn't do that. But she does tell you what you need, and where and who to check with to obtain them, and to get more information on them. After all, different country's, states, and even city's requirements differ. If you're going to make it in a business of your own, you need to be able to do some things for yourself.