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 Building Doors & Gates: Instructions, Techniques and over 100 Designs *243 drawings
* 8 x 11
* Packed with elegant designs
* Step-by-step instructions and illustrations

All about building traditional entrances to the home. Displays component parts and joints on detailed charts. Tells how to design, construct, and hang a selection of doors and gates. Features practical exercises for perfecting door- and gate-making skills. Offers more than 100 designs, with the specifics on building them. All presented in the Bridgewaters' trademark style.

Alan and Gill Bridgewater have written and illustrated over 40 books on woodworking and crafts, including How to Use & Care for Woodworking Tools and Boxes & Chests.

  Date Published 2/1/1999

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As a builder and craftsman, this book doesn't really help. It covers some history and tools in the construction of doors but doesn't help with the construction techniques or tools you might need to build a better modern door. I wouldn't have bought this book if I had been able to look at first.
Rated By: A reader
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Comments: Gotta disagree, it's a good book
After reading the previous customer review, I balked on buying this book. I checked it out at the library though, and after reading it, I'm definitely going to buy it. For a pretty competent carpenter/woodworker, the designs are easy to copy, and it does give a fairly good rundown on the joinery needed to build a solid door or gate. If you don't have a lot of carpentry confidence and you need someone to fill in all the blanks, though, it may not be for you.
Rated By: "sjjeffer"
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Comments: Limited
This book is not for the novice craftsman. I have some carpentry experience and I did not find it as useful as I had hoped. The lack of step by step methods for creating the door/gate designs was a negative for me. I also did not like the variety of door designs. However, I did find a couple of very interesting designs that I want to tackle as soon as I find a book that will give me sound guidance.
Rated By: Stephanie Lish
From: New York
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Comments: Terrific source for building doors
I have been looking for a source for quite some time for directions for building "board and batten" doors and was glad to finally find this book. Not only did I find the particular door I was looking for but there were lots of illustrations for many different types of doors many of which are historical reproductions.

I highly recommend this book.

Stephanie Lish
Rated By: Adam Stauffer
From: New York, NY
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Comments: Agree with Arizona
This book starts with a primitive door specification and adds features to end up with some pretty impressive designs. Agreed it is not a "step by step" book that holds your hand through each part of the process.

Through simple line drawings the book shows the joinery required for about 100 different doors and gates. The book does not show you how to build a good joint, look to a basic carpentry book for that information. The book also doesn't give an ordered to-do list for the various designs. But if you have basic carpentry skills you will look at the drawings and say "Ah, that's how it works," and then you will build the door you need.