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 In A Mexican Garden: Courtyards, Pools, and Open-Air Living Rooms The team behind the best-selling Mexicolor and Mexicasa has unlocked the gates to Mexico's patios, courtyards, and walled gardens. From private homes to luxurious resorts, In A Mexican Garden celebrates Mexico's hidden oases where lovers meet for margaritas at sunset and families gather for spirited fiestas. The dazzling array of featured properties includes rustic coastal hideaways, elegant Spanish Colonial mansions, rural haciendas, and Modernist architectural masterpieces. Melba Levick's stunning photographs capture page after vibrant page of bold Mexican design elements: swirling mosaic floors, elaborate frescoes, hand-carved stone fountains, and lush native plants. Gina Hyams' informative text explains the historic roots of these uniquely Mexican outdoor spaces. Garden design enthusiasts, fans of Mexico, and anyone who appreciates a siesta in the sun need only open this book to hear the quiet babble of fountains and glasses clinking to toast another beautiful sunset.
  Date Published 3/1/2005

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Rated By: A Kid's Review
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Great Gardens
Beautiful and interesting book. Wish it had been hardback as the book binding is weak. I enjoy these books alot and they would do well to be stronger.

Rated By: Susan Cupp
From: La Palma, CA
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Comments: Beautiful pictures of gardens - no garden info
A beautiful book with wonderful pictures and many great ideas. I would have liked more written descriptions about the type of plants used. After all, the title says "Garden" I purchased two books and gave one as a gift to a friend building a ranch house in Mexico. She loved it.

Rated By: Cathy A. Smith "Art and Design"
From: Port Hueneme, CA
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Comments: Great Photography, but...
This book has lots of beautiful photography and is a wonderful source for inspiration. I would have liked to have seen more private home gardens on a smaller scale and less large elaborate hotel and resort settings. After all, most of us are working on a less grand space. But, all and all, the book is colorful and exciting and motivates one to get out in that garden and give it some personality.
Rated By: Wilma R. Bodrak
From: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Wish I had ordered sooner!
I love this book! All my friends here in Mazatlan want to borrow it.
Since I also sell real estate here, it will be of great inspiration to my clients.
Rated By: R. Spell "raspell"
From: Memphis, TN
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A Good Summary of Mexican Gardens
I'm in the process of building on the Maya Riviera so this is important research looking for real ideas. Building in Spanish Colonial style is conducive to gardens and courtyards and we are fortunate to have two courtyards and many different type patios and open air spaces to design.

This book has so many ideas it's incredible! I have many pages marked for further discussion. Even if I weren't investigating for decorating ideas this is still a coffee table book that I would be very proud to display in my house. You won't be disappointed if you enjoy viewing these type spaces. There is no detail of how the gardens were built and the type flowers but fortunately that's not of as much interest to me as just viewing the many ideas.
Rated By: Linz
From: San Diego, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Perfect Book For My Choice
I actually ordered this for a friend of mine who needed some ideas on decorating her house. So when I recieved it in the mail, I fipped through it and was really, really happy with my choice. The pictures are colorful, and there are so many pictures to give ideas to anyone wanting to decorate their home mexican style. My friend loved the book as well, she kept thanking me for the next two weeks.
Rated By: Vicente D. Mayor
From: Philippines
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Amazing Mexican Book
I love this book a LOT! It contains lots of Colored Photographs. I am planning on fixing our house which has been left unfinished for the past 13 years and will get Ideas from this book.
Rated By: A. Antoon
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Like being in the garden
The beautiful photographs in this book will take you away. This book is all about the pictures. The text is limited. I liked that. The book is a nice size. Easy to pick up and look through. Recommend it.