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 American Dream Homes: Luxury Design : 50 New Glamour Homes Walk through the front doors of more of the most exclusive homes in the world. American Dream Homes is another remarkable beautiful photographic collection of 50 stunning show homes.

The book is like a walking tour, walking you step-by-step through the design and decorating details.

  Date Published 10/1/2002

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Rated By: Katie Marsh
From: Beverly Hills CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Quite interesting!!
Ok,I just read...well skimmed through this book,I just looked at the pics of all the gorgeous houses.My house is custom designed and I wanted to see some other interesting designs.Well I certainly got alot of ideas for my next house,I personally think i'ts a brilliant book that anyone that is fascinated with wealth should read!
Rated By: Lauryn
From: Hamburg, NJ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Every house features full color photos!
I have bought house plan books before and normally only the first few are in full color and then the rest are black and white and don't show any interior photos. This book, however, has full color photos for every house plan featured. They show a few interior pictures for each, and it is by far the best house plan book I have found. Although, every plan in this book is quite large and you'd have to be a millionaire to be able to afford them.
Rated By: Brute Force Woodworks
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Not the best bang for the buck
The photos in this book are not exclusive, as they can be found in many other books and magazines. It is certainly a better value than "dream home" magazines that usually sell for $7 a pop at the newstands, but it pales in comparison to "Dan Sater's Luxury Home Plans". Sater's book is better in just about every way... larger format, larger pictures, thicker paper, a better selection of homes in my opinion (not to mention a few identical ones), and a lower price.

You probably already know that the purpose of these books is to sell home plans. That's why they're so cheap. From a consumer standpoint, they're fun to browse through and you don't feel any buyer's remorse since you can easily spend more money at McDonald's.

If you're looking for a book to get valuable ideas for your next home or remodel, take a look at "Home by Design" by Sarah Susanka.
Rated By: E. Getts "E"
From: Midwest, USA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Good idea book
I bought this book to get ideas for a custom home we were building. I loved the full-page color photos, and found a few ideas I could incorporate in my new home, even though it is much smaller than these plans! I love Colonial, European, and Neo-classic styles, so there were only a few homes with touches of these styles (hence, only 4 stars), but I still found the book useful. For more classic, European style homes, I highly recommend "Villa Decor - Decidedly French and Italian Style" and "French Influences", both by Betty Lou Phillips.