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 Taunton's Kidspace Idea Book: Creative Playrooms Clever Storage Ideas Retreats for Teens ToddlerAt last, a book filled with creative ideas for the rooms children live in rooms for playing, studying, relaxing, and growing. This inspiring book, filled with 250 color photos and 35 drawings, is a great planning tool for parents, architects, and designers. "Offers plenty of inspiration ... for planning not only children's bedrooms and playrooms, but every room in the house." -- Home Remodeling and Decorating
  Date Published 10/1/2002

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Comments: What a Great Idea!!
Finally someone has come up with a home design and improvement book that is practical and helpful for modern families with kids. It offers great tips and instructions on how to convert your living space (kitchen, bedroom,etc...) into a space that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The pictures and layout make it so easy to read and actually use for some real home improvement for the whole family.
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Comments: Ideas to spark imagination
This book is geared more towards people building a new, custom house or remodeling, which is not what I expected. I was looking for decorating ideas without tearing down walls. In addition, it gives you a glimpse of the room and leaves the rest up to the imagination. The book assumes you're working with an architect and interior decorator and they'll take care of the details. It is packed with amazing kids room and has sparked ideas of my own for my decorating his playroom.
Rated By: Nature Mom w/ 2 children
From: Massachusetts
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Comments: Inspiration, yes -"how to change your space in a day"
This book's title is just what it offers inside ---lots of ideas to create spaces kids will love. However, I was expecting to find ideas I could implement right away - like making our mudroom more functional for kids, etc... but the book isn't really geared towards that. If you are building a new home or would consider renovating one, you'll find tons of ideas (and beautiful color photos, not sketches) for everything from attic spaces, bathrooms, hideaways, playrooms, special activity rooms, homework centers, family rooms, kitchens, outdoor playspaces and more. Also, since most rooms/lofts/furniture appeared to be custom built, there's very little info on where to buy or how to make them.

Bottom line - you'll find wonderful ideas and inspiration - but not detailed plans. This isn't an easy "rearrange-the-room-in-a-day-to-make-your-home-more-kid-friendly" project book, nor is it one you can follow if you're on a tight budget. But it's a "must-have" for renovations and custom built homes.

Rated By: selber family
From: Washington DC
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Comments: The Kidspace Idea Book
This book is loaded with great ideas that enable parents to utilize every inch of space in their homes. A child's room is a multi-use dwelling used for sleeping, playing, reading, studying and sometimes meals. This book understands this and provides the readers with great ideas and how to for the child's room, attic, space under stairs and even outdoors. I found the ideas practical, safe and pleasing to the eye.The writing was crisp and visual. A great primer for the family with the older home or newly constructed. I have given this book as a gift to pediatricians,friends and family. ENJOY
Rated By: Nancy Kimber
From: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Comments: Great book, IF you plan to refinance your mortgage!
This book is packed with wonderful ideas for kid-friendly rooms, and includes lots of large, colorful photographs. "Idea Book" is an appropriate title - no instructions are given. However, unless you are a professional builder or architect, or are willing to refinance your mortgage to pay for a professional, most of these ideas will remain ideas. Some of the painting ideas and color schemes could be useful for someone who is on a budget and is looking for a change.
Rated By: Stephanie S.
From: Nottingham, MD
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Comments: not for the home owner, but the home BUILDER
This book has many creative ideas. But, they are mostly ideas that would require major remodeling, would be impossible, or would only be helpful when designing your blue prints. There are decorating ideas, but overall, this book is geared more toward the architect. An example is an in-the-wall loft, and another is a split level bedroom. Also, the rooms are rarely your average square bedroom but instead have very creative floor plans. SO- the book is creative and attractive, but not very useful.
Rated By: Pignutr
From: NC
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Comments: Title Says it All
The book is generally well layed out. Don't expect any plans, you are expected to develop your own ideas and it should help you accomplish this. Overall, the title says it all.
Rated By: Sunny "Miami Mom"
From: MIami
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Comments: For those with a bottomless bank account
I was hoping to find ideas to help us in renovating our son's room. Unfortunately, most ideas in this book would require a tremendous amount of capital investment and certainly are out of reach for many people.

However, we were able to grasp some ideas which we'll try to tailor down to our middle class standards.
Rated By: Sonya "readaholic"
From: Dallas, TX
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Comments: Good for Ideas but not realistic for "regular" peple
When I picked up this book I recognized it for what it is, an Idea Book. This is not a book with plans or steps on how to create the looks, but I think it offers what it says it will...Ideas.

The book includes beautiful color photographs that feature bathrooms, playrooms and even outdoor spaces. It also includes incorporating family rooms and kitchens with more child-focused features. Basically, the book covers almost every room in a house.

Many of the rooms (playrooms, bedrooms) are bigger than my master suite, LOL so I think that if you are looking for exactly the size you need it might be a little difficult. With a little imagination and creativity, I think you can take even these huge rooms and adapt them for a smaller room. I really like the bathroom section for kids and some of the bedrooms seemed fairly easy to do. I also like the organization of closets that were included in the book.

If you have a bottomless budget and lots of square footage, this is a great book for finding ideas on how to decorate for kids. If your budget is limited, I still think this book will give you some good ideas, but a different book might be more useful if you are looking for step-by-step instructions.