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 Fabrique Technique Fabrique Technique is the perfect handbook for the do-it-yourself decorators! Brilliantly colored photos, worksheets and charts lead you step-by-step through the most time consuming and frustrating aspect of any interior design project-- the selection and coordination of fabrics. Fabrique Technique shows how everyone from the novice do-it-yourselfer to the more experienced decorator, can use color, pattern and texture to bring out your personal style!

This patented system making fabric coordination a breeze is the only product of its kind on the market. Fabrique Technique is based upon the use of three different fabrics within a space, and uses six characteristics of color, pattern and texture that are found in every fabric. This simple easy to use guide gives anyone the confidence needed to make their home a personal reflection of who they are. After all, isn't that what good design is all about?
Contrary to popular belief, professional interior designers and decorators are not taught fabric coordination in school. When people learn of this, they are quite surprised to say the least. This is why Fabrique Technique is so important, not only to the professional, but to the consumer as well. Never before has there been a book, much less a patented system for this aspect of decorating. Nothing more than fabric sets the ambiance and personality of a room. Not enough variety and the room becomes staid and boring. Too much variety, and the space is restless and uncomfortable. There is so much written about personal style these days and how to achieve it. Fabrique Technique really accomplishes the use of color, pattern and texture to lead us to our own personal style.

  Date Published 10/1/1998

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