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 Textile Style : The Art of Using Antique and Exotic Fabrics to Decorate Your Home

Textile Style explains how to transform boring to unique with common fabrics as well as sumptuous lengths of Indian jewel-colored silks, intricate kelims and rugs from the East, and woven Scottish shawls. These and many more can be used around the home in a context very different from their original purpose.

For years I've bought dozens and dozens of home, garden and crafts books. Some of them are really good books, most of them are just beautiful editions with magazine like editorial content, and the smallest part of them are composed by some really, really, marvellous books.

In my large collection of home and garden books I choose "Textile Style : The Art of Using Antique and Exotic Fabrics to Decorate Your Home" as my number one book, what means the best of the bests. Since I bought it turned the most important among the others, the most read, the most manipulated, the most talked about. So, I really recommend it!!!

The other books of Caroline are not pieces of art like "Textil Style" but they all show she's a very good home designer.

This is a fantastic design book. Beautifully photographed and organized in a sensible and intuitive way, anyone interested in design or textiles will love it. Most of the interiors pictured are in London, and there is a bias for that quirky British "more is more" style. So it you're looking for decorating inspiration for your minimalist home this book may not be very helpful. Otherwise, it's wonderful. I find myself referring to it again and again.

  Date Published 11/1/2000

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