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 Sewing for the Home
Whether you're looking to sew a few new pillows for your sofa or to decorate a bare room, Sewing for the Home is exactly what you need. Packed with instructions for more than 50 classic home decor items, this book is one that will be used for years to come. The book begins with the basics of sewing for your home, including information on fabric, fiber and color selections, sewing machine equipment and notions, timesaving tips and advice.

The rest of the book is divided into four sections.

1. Windows-Offers a wide range of treatments, including tab top curtains, rod-pocket curtains, pinch-pleated drapes, and Roman shades.

2. Pillows-Covers forms and fillings, closures and cushions, and how-to's for many different pillow designs.

3. Tables-Includes instructions for a variety of tablecloths, placemats and cloth napkins.

4. Bed & Bath-Covers information on creating a new comforter, shams, dust ruffles and even shower curtains.

I bought my first house six months ago. My house needs curtains, seat cushions, wall hangings. And I'm new to all of this; while I'm just-past-novice at sewing and quilting, I've never even paid attention to how one constructs a pillow.

As a result, I've looked at several books about home decor, and I've bought a few. So far, this book has helped more than the rest of 'em put together.

First, it doesn't try to make you a specialist. I don't need to make curtains in dozens of styles; I just want to make a few ordinary ones that look nice. By separating the book into sections, I get the most common designs without the advanced stuff I don't expect to need, and I don't have to buy four books. (Well, I probably wouldn't have bought one for tables, anyway.)

Another advantage to its lack of specialization is that it includes a few items you wouldn't find elsewhere, such as instructions for making a shower curtain. As it happens, I'd already finished that project before I got this book, but these would have helped me just as well. (As an aside: after making a shower curtain from scratch, I'd never buy another one. It's so easy, and it looks wonderful.)

Also, this book gives very clear instructions, with photos that really DO show the process. It also doesn't make assumptions about your sewing skill, or your comfort with the equipment. For me, the "Aha!" moment came when it explained that it may be helpful to use a walking foot (more commonly used in quilting) to deal with heavy or bulky fabrics. I'd already ripped out the seams on a seat cushion *twice* by the time I read that, and had become disheartened with the project. Armed with that single bit of knowledge, the project was finished in a weekend.

I've another cushion project to start -- my husband is building a window seat -- and then it's time to begin on the curtains and window shades. I did buy a few curtain-specific books, but I suspect I'll turn to this one first.

This book is fantastic! It covers how-tos on all the basics! My experience with these kinds of books is that they'll show you how to make ruffled valances and rosette pillows, but never cover the basics, like how to make a cloth shade or a simple removable pillow case (ie. sans buttons and zippers which can intimidate the beginner). This book has it all, and also great hints for making the kinds of minor modifications that make a pillow/curtain truly "special." The best home deco sewing book I've seen.

  Date Published 9/1/2002

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