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 Simple Home Solutions : Good Things with Martha Stewart LivingLooking for the quickest way to peel tomatoes? Frustrated by tumbling bed sheets in your linen closet? Not sure how to space seedlings in your garden? Simple Home Solutions provides answers to these and other everyday problems in the kitchen, garden, and around the house. Practical, useful, and inordinately simple, the ideas in this book will help you solve household dilemmas, get and stay organized, and make the most of your time.
  Date Published 7/6/2004

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Rated By: Andrew Ritchie
From: Canada
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: An average offering
This book will be a disappointment to subscribers of Martha Stewart Living because many of the ideas contained in the book have been previously published in the magazine. It's essentially a collection of Martha's "Good Things" for keeping things in the house organized, quick cooking tips, nifty ways of peeling vegetables, mixing drinks, making place settings, etc. While I did not really find the book that interesting, because I had seen the ideas before in her magazine, the ideas themselves are excellent, easy and have a 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that' element to them. It would make a perfect housewarming gift for a young person moving into their first apartment or home.
Rated By: S. Angle
From: Maryland
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Lots of pictures and short tips
I read a copy fo this book from the library,but I liked it.I am a photo person ,so anything with pictures works for me.This books has lots of pretty pictures and tons of tips,mostof which are no-cost tips. I love MARTHA STEWART !!
Rated By: M. Lucas
From: Michigan
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Clever Ideas
This book is full of clever ideas and shortcuts. I only hope that I will remember to look them up when I can make use of one of them. As you look through it you will constantly think -- Why didn't I think of that? I never buy the magazine, so these were all new to me. Even if you have seen these tips before, it might be valuable to buy this book anyway as a convenience. You are probably more apt to use these shortcuts if they are compiled into one book rather than spread through a dozen magazines. I hope Martha comes out with more books like this one.
Rated By: Ellerdine
From: Croatia
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Simple Home Solutions : Good Things with Martha Stewart Livi
The book delivers what its title promises to deliver: great advice for one's household, wrapped in a wonderful package - the look of the book is, as always with Martha Stewart books, exquisite and right on the money. The only question you should ask yourself before deciding to buy this book is whether you wish to pay for something that is esentially a picture-book with advice that can be found on martha stewart's web page, or that you are already aware of. For me the answer is yes - the book is inspirational for anyone with a sense of aesthetic and the desire to make their home a more beautiful place to live in. The advice is useful indeed and all in one place.
Rated By: E. Miller "lainy1976"
From: Seattle, WA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great, useful, and not at all cheesy
A great book with very practical and inexpensive ideas for all kinds of homekeeping. I am not as type-A as Martha, but you've got to hand it to her - her books are useful, inspiring and usually quite practical (unless it's a craft project - I mean, PLEASE, like I am going to make my own acorn placesetting things). I only rate it 4 stars because I wish there had been more ideas in the book - her books tend to leave you wanting more ideas since what is presented is usually quite good.

One reviewer says this will be a repeat of things you've seen in the magazine. Probably good advice to avoid the book if you already get the magazine. I don't suscribe to Living, so this was actually a nice surprise. As always, smart design, nice pictures and great & very do-able ideas. I flipped through it in a bookstore and now I am getting it for a better price at