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 Kelly Hoppen Style : The Golden Rules of Design
Simple, sophisticated, yet invitingly luxurious interiors are the hallmark of Kelly Hoppen's unique, award-winning style. In this beautiful decorating handbook, Hoppen imparts the golden rules she has gathered from twenty-five years of innovative designs, giving readers the confidence to bring the same serene elegance into their homes. Each chapter focuses on a different fundamental of good design. For example, the first-Function and Space-is about evaluating the potential of a room before making any decisions. It teaches you to look carefully at the room's aspect, light, size, function, and architecture as a professional interior designer would, and offers inspired solutions for creating the best design for your needs. Using examples of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms drawn from her fabulous portfolio of projects, Kelly takes us through each room in the home and shares the secrets of her design approach.

Each subsequent chapter focuses on building up the layers of decoration: Texture and Color; Lighting Effects; Joinery; Upholstery; Soft Furnishings, and Accessories and Display. With clear-cut suggestions for each layer of decorative detail, Kelly explains how to infuse neutral palettes with richness and warmth using textural contrast and accent colors. She offers advice on selecting and displaying pictures and favorite objects, and emphasizes the importance of including candles, fragrance, and fresh flowers in contemporary vases as part of the Kelly Hoppen style. A comprehensive list of suppliers, from soft-furnishing sources to picture framers and lighting specialists, is provided. Kelly Hoppen Style taps into the creativity and experience of one of the world's foremost designers and will inspire you to transform your home with harmony, beauty, and a touch of drama.

  Date Published 11/1/2004

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Rated By: E. Sandman
From: Unavailable
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Comments: perfect show house no longer matters
In the introduction (pg.6) Ms. Hoppen notes, that after 11 September..."a perfect show house no longer mattered. Having a home that really was a home that really was a home did." So I wonder why all the really gorgeous photographs in this book really do not demostrate that people actually live in these homes. The rooms are devoid of individual personality and really do appear to be perfect show rooms. Personal artifacts are removed from the photographs, replaced with props and items that are fabricated for Ms. Hoppen and for sale on links on her web sites or by the vendors listed in the "Address Book" section of her book (read product placement). With that said there are a worthwhile morsels in this book and the photographs are wonderful, especially if you are looking for interesting and minimal examples of door and window trim, floral arrangement ideas, or you are designing a spiral staircase. The text portion of the book is very useful for the design process of building a home and the photographs seem to be blue prints come to life, but without any sentimental indications of the lives of the people who might be moving into these homes. The window treatment section should be licenced by Smith and Noble and used in their catelog.
Rated By: Kae
From: Santa Barbara, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Minimalist Chic
I found the photographs in this book to be beautifully presented. It is a minimalist's dream book, clean lines, nothing over done, with rooms full of texture, beauty, and elegance. Nothing overstated, like a fine aged wine, or great architecture. The author, Kelly Hoppen, offers refined elegance, no kitsch.
Rated By: M. Steciuk
From: Cincinnati, OH
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A bit pretentious...
I realize this may not be the most helpful, or relevant of comments but... I was actually quite bothered by the tone of this author's writing. She is, in my opinion, elitist and arrogant. With comments such as "many people try to immitate me, unsuccessfully" or statements to the tune of "I'm more skilled in this than most", I had to devote a lot of energy to focusing on the message, and not the messenger.

And speaking of the message, I was drawn to this book because this style really resonates with me. I realize that most of the photographs inside the book demonstrate composition, and not necessarily the way you would find somebody's livingroom arranged on a Thursday morning after they've left for work, but I believe that, although seeing realistically decorated interiors is important to some, personally, I prefer to see design that is devoid of the truly personal touches that we should all be responsible for ourselves. After all, I don't need inspiration to figure out where to place my coffee or newspaper every morning.
Rated By: M. LaFleur
From: Los Angeles
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Good Rules for Specific Styling
I was looking for some basic good advice for smart, clean interior design aesthetics...this book met those standards in a beautiful and sensitively assembled book. My only criticism is that the styling that Kelly shows is a high design with contemporary attributes - not very relevant to many other kinds of decorating challenges. I have an early 1900s home with standard ceilings, wood trim and smallish rooms - not very similar at all to Kelly's gorgeous and mostly spacious examples. I will have to work a little harder to envision the golden rules being applied to my humble abode.