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 The New Decorating with Architectural Trimwork
In this new, expanded edition of Jay Silber's ground-breaking first book, The New Decorating with Architectural Trimwork focuses on the aesthetic uses of architectural trimwork. There are plenty of books that tell the reader how to install trim around windows and doors, but few that also explain how architectural trim can enhance a room's aesthetic appeal. Silber shows readers even more ideas on how to choose and use a wide variety of moldings, trim, and design concepts to transform the all-too-common sterile, open floor plan into a warm, inviting, richly textured home. This new edition of Trimwork provides ideas for how to decorate homes with trim and wall panels so that walls, passageways, and stairways can radiate the warmth, character, and beauty of the well-trimmed homes of eras gone by.
  Date Published 4/1/2005

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Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
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Comments: A design guide covering almost every room in the house
The new, expanded and updated edition of Jay Silber's New Decorating With Architectural Trimwork: Planning, Designing, Installing shows how to use decorative trim and molding in all rooms of a house to transform windows, doors, and more. Hundreds of color photos pack a design guide covering almost every room in the house, but the meat here is the inclusion of actual installation instructions, making this a cut above similar-sounding titles which are focused on appearance alone. All are highly recommended for any homeowner who wants more than a casual hand in construction or renovation choices.
Rated By: A Reader
From: Upstate New York
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Comments: Excellent Addition to the Trim Carpenter's Library
The older version of this book was good. This version is much better. The "Elements of Design" chapter is expanded, as is the chapter on crown molding. The most comprehensive chapter for me was Chapter 10: Wainscoting, Pillars and Pilasters. The detail provided on the methods for routing flutes was very helpful.

If you do trim, this is the third book to buy right after "Trim Carpentry Techniques" by Craig Savage, and "Finish Carpentry: Efficient Techniques for Custom Interiors" by Gary Katz.