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 Decorating with Architectural Trimwork: Planning, Designing, InstallingShows homeowners how to choose and use moldings and trim. Includes design concepts. Over 450 full-color photos and illustrations.
  Date Published 7/28/2001

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Rated By: Ricardo David "ricardodavid"
From: Green Oaks, IL
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Comments: Finally, the trimwork book I have been looking for!
I have been searching for over a year for a good book on finish carpentry and trimwork for the past year. This is by far the most comprehensive and complete text on the topic. I stumbled upon an article featuring Jay Silber's trimwork methods about year ago in the now defunct Today's Homeowner magazine. I was hoping Mr. Silber's book would be as good as the few short lesson in that article. I am happy to report that this book has exceeded my expectations. If you are interested in architechural trimwork, from basic how-to's, to the different styles of trim, then this is the book to get. Each page has full color photos of techniques, detailed construction drawings, before and after shots, and the basic styles of trimwork that you can select to best match the decor of your home.
Rated By: Andrew Baron
From: Orlando, FL
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Comments: Worth Every Penny!
I couldn't agree more with Ricardo's review. I, too, stumbled upon that same article in "Today's Homeowner" and anxiously awaited the book's release. I had been looking for a comprehensive book on trim carpentry for a long time. I read the book cover to cover and started a new project the very next day. Jay's ideas and techniques are exactly what I was looking for to take my skill to the next level. My wife is in amazement with what I've done so far (with the right tools and Jay's guidance, it's EASY). I only have one question for Mr. Silber, "How long do I have to wait for your next book???"
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
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Comments: Extensively illustrated with step-by-step photographs
Interior trimwork expert Jay Silber's Decorating With Architectural Trimwork is a full-color, "user friendly" guide, extensively illustrated with step-by-step photographs, which while enable anyone to personally add beauty and elegance to their home. From how to install trimwork like a professional, to cutting and fitting perfect corner joints, to designing and installing crown molding, Decorating With Architectural Trimwork is the ideal how-to manual for the job. The text is very straightforward, written so that the lay reader will have no confusion, and the pictures clearly illustrate what tools are needed for each job and how they are best used. Decorating With Architectural Trimwork is a "must" for any do-it-yourself enthusiast who wants to use trim to add to the aesthetic interior design value to their home!
Rated By: "admiralty"
From: Coral Gables, FL
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Comments: Best all around book on subject
This is by far the best all around book on trim/finish carpentry. I consider myself an intermediate DIY renovator. I was looking for a book to give my some ideas and techniques for finish carpentry. I purchased several books. This is far and away the best one. If you only buy one book on this subject buy this book!
Rated By: George D. Huron
From: San Antonio, Texas
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Comments: Put's the DO in Do It Yourself
I have been woodworking for many years and I have many books on various types of woodworking. I would count this book among one of the best. This book is not written by someone who is trying to impress himself by making the subject matter more difficult than it is. Instead, it is written by someone with great knowledge of the subject putting real effort into presenting his knowlege in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Layout, design and techniques are all addressed with big, well planned, step by step color photos (not like some books that scrimp on the artwork and end up with horrible drawings or black and white photos). When you read this book, you will feel yourself saying, "I understand what he is saying and I can do this!" instead of, "What the hell is he talking about! (I have plenty of books that will have you saying this)". I wish all books about woodworking (or any subject really) were this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: good theory, limited facts
Mr. Silber hits the mark with his observation that today's trim is inadequate for big rooms and tall ceilings. However, while he addresses several styles of trim, he concentrates only on wall frames for technique. I'm a big fan of the prairie style and after spotting a reference to Frank Lloyd Wright in the Table of Contents, bought the book. I was most disappointed to find only 1 paragraph about prairie and nothing whatsoever on the size or shape of that style of trim (such as S4S). There were no suggestions at all for its installation - just one photo of one room in the entire book. I returned it. If you like the styles that use wall frames, this may be the book for you. Don't waste your money if you like prairie or Arts & Crafts.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Excellent Step-by-Step finish carpentry guide
I loved this book. It's very helpful in planning, estimating, and installing molding. Unlike most finish carpentry books this book is beautifully illustrated with examples of moldings and decorative ideas. It is not an exhaustive example of molding styles - and I didn't expect it to be. What this book does well is explain how to make your rooms resemble the rooms in the book. If you are a do-it-yourselfer I'd highly recommend this book
Rated By: Richard Sherwood
From: Detroit, MI
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Comments: Excellent photos, descriptions, and content
I stumbled accross this book in my local woodworking store and bought it. The book is loaded with tips, detailed drawings, step by step instructions, and tons of great full color photos that have given me a lot of design ideas. I was so impressed with this book, that I am planning to buy a few more of the books in this series.
Rated By: Curt Walker "walker868"
From: Ivins, UT
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Comments: Limited usefulness
Somewhat disappointing, this book is not very cohesive. While some of what you need to know will be touched on eventually, the book uses a shotgun approach, hitting some parts of a subject and missing others. The book ends up more a showcse of some different types of trim, without really giving much good advice on how to actually select, cut, stain/paint, and install trim accurately. Check it out at a home store before purchasing.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Good Book
I am a female do it yourselfer who was interested in learning crown moulding, chair rails, etc for my new home with little character. I found this book extremely helpful in setting me on the right track. I still reference it frequently.
Rated By: R. Feeser
From: Springfield, PA
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Comments: Great book, wonderfully illustrated
I have read many books on woodworking. Some of them have pictures of products you would never consider putting in your own home. Not in this book. It is full of pictures of trim work that is beautiful. If you buy this book just for the examples you see makes it worth it. I open it sometimes just to get inspired to higher levels of woodworking.
All in all well written, and super well illustrated. Highly recommended.

Rated By: Rick S.
From: Wellington, FL
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Comments: Great Book and Even Better Ideas
This book will provide the Do-It-Yourself crowd with the knowledge necessary to tackle a trimwork project with confidence. With excellent organization, information and pictures, it is hard to imagine a better book for this purpose.

Even if you do not plan to do it yourself, the book will provide excellent pictures to help you select the type of trimwork you would like, and will serve as a starting point in a project discussion with a carpenter. The example pictures alone are worth the price of the book.

Rated By: Mom to two
From: NJ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A good reference book for basic trim carpentry skills
I just recently purchased this book to trim out my house with Crown, base and window trim and decorative caps between rooms.

while there are better boooks for pure trim carpentry skills, Jim Tolpin's book comes to mind, I find myself reaching for this book over Tolpin's as it has great color pictures, concise instructions, good organization, and most importantly, ideas.

When I was choosing how to make my base moldings, or build the decorative cap, I needed guidance on which moldings to choose, what size they should be proportionally, and how to build them. This is where this book becomes worth every penny--its descriptions and pictures, along with techniques for different styles such as neo classical, victorian and Arts and Crafts, with suggestions on how to put all the components together on walls, floors and ceilings.

Overall I highly recommend this book for anyone that's going to trim their house themselves.

Rated By: Richard Mastello
From: Seattle, WA
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Comments: Pretty Pics, Spotty Advice
If you're interested in ideas for interior woodwork, this book offers some nice photos that may inspire a project ... and sometimes inspiration is just what's needed to get us out of the chair and actively working. However, if you're interested in executing the work that's shown, an inexperienced carpenter will be hard pressed to succeed based on the information here. No book can substitute for experience, and this book is great for dreamers, but there are better carpentry guides out there if you actually want to do the work.
Rated By: Frank Yee
From: Danville, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Yes, it is really a decorating book
Well, I should have known. The title "Decorating with..." tells it all. It is first and foremost a decorating book that the wife would love. This book has the best and sharpest color pictures of any decorating book and is very tastefully presented. But it is skimpy or just plain bad at helping you to DIY. There is little that is useful in technique and little that is useful for tackling the complexities of say installing crown moulding. But, I can't fault the author. After all, the title is "Decorating with...".
Rated By: T. Fortin
From: NJ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very useful for ideas and techniques
This book is wonderful. Starting with some carpentry skills of my own, I was able to design and trim out my entire dining room with crown molding, chair rail, wall frames etc. This book was invaluable in helping me design and execute the project.