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 Wright-Sized Houses : Frank Lloyd Wright's Solutions for Making Small Houses Feel Big America's most famous architect was obsessed with small houses. Even though this exciting aspect of his work has been long overlooked, the truth is that Frank Lloyd Wright spent most of his career addressing the problems of houses intended for individuals or small families of modest means. In the only book on the master architect to focus on "the house of moderate cost," Wright expert Diane Maddex takes the reader inside a selection of his small houses from across the country, turning the spotlight on Wright's ingenious solutions to make these homes look and feel large.
  Date Published 11/25/2003

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Comments: inspiring
The pictures and text boxes do a terrific job of explaining the reasons that Wright's architecture works. The themes of unity, making walls disappear with windows, use of natural materials and building for the site can be applied to many architectural styles, not just the prarie style he is known for
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Comments: Great pictures. Terrible text
I think the premise of the book is right on target. FLW best work was in his small houses. They are much harder to design, build and were done so on a tight budget. The pictures of the houses in the book are fantastic. They are current day pictures versus pictures taken 10 or 20 years ago.

The text is not well written. Could have done a better job.

Rated By: Christos Georgalis "Cris"
From: Kos, Greece
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Comments: Great book
This book is a very good analisis of the elements of Wrightian architecture. Takes the parts 1 by 1, (windows, continuity of spaces, carports, etc.) and explain the central idea of FLW.
Good for those who want to digest the roots of FLW
Rated By: P. Smith "QueenBee"
From: Chicago, IL
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Comments: One of the best Wright books out there
This is a beautiful picture book that keeps its title's promise. Maddex actually identifies the specific FLW solutions for making small houses feel big. Her description of these solutions are well-written and aimed at appealing to the intelligent layman. Mercifully, she avoids the academic, pedantic and patronizing tone. A real pleasure. Couldn't recommend more highly.